TSAM tells critics to 'shut up' about overdue wages

Kelantan FA Facebook page
Kelantan advisor Annuar Musa has hit back against critics of the club's decision to sign new imports, despite the club's debts to former players.

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Kelantan advisor Tan Sri Annuar Musa has issued a vindictive response towards several parties' negative reactions to Kelantan's signing of new foreign players, despite the fact that they still owe their former players' wages.

Since the current mid-season transfer window was opened, the Red Warriors have sold their Lebanese striker Mohammed Ghaddar to JDT, and signed two new foreign attackers; L'Imam Seydi and Abou Bakr Al-Mel, despite the fact that the club had recently been fined for failure to settle their players' wages.

The new signings raised many eyebrows, and even got the attention of one of their former players. On Saturday, Australian defender Jonathan McKain, one of the players owed money by the club, shared Goal's report on Seydi's signing on his own Twitter account, with the comment: "This is unbelievable. How KAFA are allowed to continue signing players without paying old debts is disrespectful and wrong. #PayYourDebts"

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Jonathan McKain. Photo by Getty

On Sunday morning, Annuar hit back against the criticism on his Facebook page, saying it was made by those who are clueless about running a football club.

"I would like to warn those who claim to be professionals but display no professionalism whatsoever. They choose to write on social media without any sense of responsibility and without checking the facts and regulations. They need to shut up if talking is the only thing they are good at.

"The change of players does not necessarily incur extra cost, especially if the team have deals with the agents regarding the players' performance and fitness level. The change of players in order to improve performance is part of the effort the team's cashflow. It is done with consideration to a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

"Shut up if you've never run a professional team and have never been in the position of responsibility to raise money to pay footballers. Stop pretending to be professionals if wage-earners is all you are," he wrote.

The former Kelantan chairman also warned ex-Kelantan players that are still owed money, against making statements regarding the matter on their social media.

"To ex-players who are on Facebook/Twitter all the time, we have tolerated your uncalled-for behaviour long enough. The act of issuing inaccurate statements regarding the team is a breach of contract.

"If you do not respect that term, the team deserve the right to not show any sympathy to you," warned Anuar.