TFF: No problem Yanga using Salamba in the CAF Confederation Cup

TFF have given Yanga the green light to use Salamba in the CAF Confederation Cup and its now up to the two teams to reach an agreement

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) have given Yanga the green light to use Lipuli’s Adam Salamba in the CAF Confederation Cup if the two sides will agree on the move.

Yanga have requested to use Lipuli FC's Salamba in the CAF tournament were they are involved in the group stage and will return to his club when the Premier League season starts.

Speaking in a press conference, the Acting Secretary General of the TFF, Wilfred Kidao said that CAF rules allows for such a move but it must follow the procedures and one of them is agreement between the two clubs.

He added that, they have also received a copy of the letter from Yanga and they are all waiting to see if the move will be agreed before other procudures follow.

“TFF are allowed to give the license for a player any time, so it is very possible for Yanga to use Salamba in the CAF tournament but only if the two teams reach an agreement,” said Kidao.  

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On Tuesday, Lipuli confirmed that they had received an official letter from Yanga requestist for Salamba's services.

CAF rules allow for such a move and the same scenario happened in 1998 when Yanga borrowed three Simba players.