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Subhash Bhowmick rebukes Quess - 'East Bengal will play Super Cup'

1:26 AM GMT+8 23/03/2019
East Bengal CFL 2018
The former technical director of the club criticised the investors for running the show at East Bengal without consulting the officials...

Former East Bengal technical director and ex-player Subhash Bhowmick showed his support for the East Bengal club officials in the ongoing tiff between the club and their investors Quess Corp.

Bhowmick took a dig at Quess and suggested that an investor’s job is to invest money and depend on the officials who have been running the club for ages now.

He said, “An investor is supposed to invest money, they are not supposed to run the club. Owners or investors across the world do not get involved in the day to day affairs of the club. They invest money and earn profit. East Bengal is a hundred years old club. Legendary officials have run this club in the past.”

There has been a difference of opinion between the club and their investors regarding the team's participation in the Super Cup 2019. While the officials want to take part in the competition, Quess, who runs the footballing activities of the club, has decided to join the union of I-League clubs and boycott the competition citing unfair treatment by the AIFF.

But Bhowmick was of the opinion that taking into consideration East Bengal’s legacy, they must not walk out of any tournament. He said, “If a club like East Bengal have already committed to play a competition then there is no question of backing out. East Bengal will play the Super Cup.

“If someone does not understand what is his job then I cannot say anything. If someone thinks that just because they are giving money they can do anything, it does not work like that. Whatever decision the executive committee has taken will be final according to rules.”

The legendary former player also criticised Quess and compared them to former sponsors Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya’s passion for the game. He also bashed the Quess for not consulting the officials for any of the football activities.

“I have seen Vijay Mallya. He has done a lot for the club. All the development which we can see in the East Bengal club is because of him. I had asked him once why spends so much money on the two Kolkata clubs. He told me he did it out of the passion for the game, said Bhowmick.

He further stated, “The way the investors are behaving with the club officials is in bad taste. You have done a tie-up with a club but that does not mean you can rule.”

Subhash Bhowmick also refused to praise his successor at the club, Spanish coach Alejandro Menendez Garcia, as he failed to deliver the I-League title.

After the Calcutta Football League (CFL), where Bhowmick was in charge of the club, Alejandro took charge as the head coach.

The veteran coach said, “I do not judge any coach. I have seen many good coaches in East Bengal. Trevor James Morgan was a very good coach according to me. At the end of the day, East Bengal did not win the I-League. So what is the point of being a high profile coach.”