South African football is back on track, says Safa CEO Mumble

Dennis Mumble SAFA CEO
The Safa CEO is positive that South African football is once again on the right track, including the Vission 2022 programme

The South African Football Association (Safa) kicked off their inaugural Provincial Technical Officers training on Tuesday.

The seminar which is part of Safa’s ongoing efforts to improve the standard of South African football will run until the 10th of August at the Safa Technical Centre in Johannesburg.

The programme is attended by 18 carefully selected Provincial Technical Officers, who are undergoing training by highly trained coaching instructors which include Safa technical director Neil Tovey.

Speaking at the opening day of the event, Safa CEO Dennis Mumble took the attendees through Safa’s Vision 2022 blueprint and highlighted some of roles that the association needs to play in order achieve their goals.

Mumble acknowledged that while the association lost their way over the years, they are once again back on track to reach their goal of being a powerhouse on the African continent and amongst the best in the world.

“We know we have the talent here in the country. We have just not been able to demonstrate that in a group setting. We just have not been able to organise that properly. Let us set ourselves the target of again becoming one of the top three countries on the continent, and also let us by 2022 look back and say we have been consistently amongst the top 20 in the world,” Mumble said.

“We were there before, we took our foot off the pedal a little bit and were swept back a little bit, but we are on our way back again," he said.

Nonetheless, some other pertinent issues which Mumble addressed was the need for gender equality and a professional Women’s Football League, as well as a greater emphasis on football in public schools as they look to increase the number of participants in the sport.

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“One of the key targets for us is to organise at least 10 percent of the population who play football,” he added.

“We should at least have five million people playing in five years’ time. Two of the ways in which we are going to reach that target is expanding the women’s game. Whatever we do, we also prioritise women’s football because that’s the next area of growth for South African football," continued Mumble.

“The second area of expansion is to make sure we organise football in the school system. We will try and strike a partnership with the Department of Basic Education who have 24 000 schools under them - in order to increase our numbers,” Mumble expressed.