Serie A giants Roma publicly shame and ban fan for racist abuse of defender Jesus

The defender received racist messages on Instagram, and the club took to Twitter to announce they had banned the abuser and reported him to the police

Roma have banned a fan for life after sending Brazilian defender Juan Jesus racist messages via social media.

The club posted screenshots of the user's Instagram account and the messages on their official Twitter account.

They vowed to prevent the person responsible from ever attending a Roma match again, while also confirming they reported the user to the police and Instagram.

A statement from Roma read: "The owner of the below Instagram account sent Juan Jesus disgusting racist abuse via direct message today [Thursday].

"We have reported the account to the Italian police. We have reported the account to Instagram.

"The person responsible will be banned from Roma games for life."

The club's tweet was met with plenty of appreciation on social media for the public nature of the tweet, and their decision not to obscure the banned fan's account details.

Italian football has been plagued by incidents of racial abuse in recent years and many have praised Roma for their strong stance in this incidence.

Piara Powar, the executive director of anti-discrimination body Fare recently described the Italian football authorities' disciplinary systems as "not fit for purpose", telling BBC Sport "The rot is deep.

"Whether it is the FIGC [Italian Football Federation] or Serie A, they have failed to protect countless players from racism over the past year and have no meaningful response to the endemic racism in stadiums.

"There are no visible campaigns, no progressive fan leaders, as well as apathy and prejudice among the media.

"No-one is taking the issue seriously - no-one apart from the players, the victims themselves, and a few allies who have been courageous enough to stand up."

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino, meanwhile, said this week that Italian clubs should start issuing stadium bans to supporters found guilty of racism.