Senna: Choosing Spain over Brazil was easy

The former Villarreal midfielder had the choice between the two nations and did not regret his choice as he went on to become part of the team that won Euro 2008


Choosing to play for the Spanish national team over Brazil was an easy choice for Marcos Senna, the former midfielder has revealed.

Born in Sao Paulo, the 39-year-old gained Spanish citizenship in 2006 and opted to represent his adopted nation and went on to become an international champion as part of the team that won Euro 2008.

And, when asked whether or not he made the correct decision in rejecting his home nation for La Roja, Senna revealed it was an easy choice.

"I think the decision would have been difficult if Dunga was in charge," he told Goal. "Because after he was appointed, he started to give opportunities to players who were playing for smaller clubs like Villarreal.

“When I chose the Spanish national team, Carlos Alberto Parreira was the coach of Brazil. It would have been very difficult to me. During that time they had players such as Ronaldinho and Kaka.

“I was 29 and had the chance of playing in a World Cup for Spain. Would I wait for Brazil when I had 0% chance of playing? It was easy to choose."

However, Senna was torn when asked where his loyalties would lie should the two nations go head-to-head in the World Cup final.

"I was born in Brazil, but Spain gave me the opportunity to play in a World Cup. Do I have to choose a side?

“Maybe I can cheer for whichever side has a great friend of mine who played with me... I'm like that."