Sao Paulo player Daniel mutilated & killed as suspect claims alleged rape of wife

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The Brazilian footballer was on loan with Serie B club Sao Bento, with reports claiming his genitals were removed during the attack

Sao Paulo midfielder Daniel Correa Freitas has been killed following claims made by a 38-year-old man, Edison Brittes Junior, that the footballer was trying to rape his wife.

Daniel's body was found on October 28 in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, a city in Parana in the south east of Brazil, with UOL reporting that his genitals had been removed and that there were also serious injuries to his neck.

Brazilian Civil Police have since arrested Edison Brittes Junior, as well as his wife, Cristiana Brittes, and daughter, and confirmed that he "confessed to the crime" .

The same police report goes on to state that Daniel's body was found after he was "brutally killed", with a knife having been referenced and that searches were being conducted in a nearby river.

Edison Brittes Junior claims that, at what has been reported as an after party gathering to celebrate his daughter's 18th birthday , Daniel was trying to rape his wife Cristiana Brittes, prompting his reaction.

In a video posted on UOL , Edison claimed that he was forced to break down the door to reach his wife, where he alleges he then found her with Correa.

"When I got to the door, it was locked. He had entered the room, taken off his clothes and locked the door. I broke down the door of my bedroom," he said in a video released by his defence lawyer.

"When I opened the door, he is over my wife, and she is screaming and calling for help. I did what every man would do. That woman was not just my wife. For me, it was for all the women from Brazil. For those who are watching me now, it could be your wife, your daughter, your sister.

"At that moment it was my wife, Cris, with whom I've been married for 20 years. The woman I dedicate my whole life to. The media said a lot, but my wife never had anything with Daniel, least of all my daughter.

"Rumours always arise, but if I did what I did, I want everybody watching this to think 'what would you do to maintain the moral integrity of your family and to help a small and fragile woman?' I took him off of my wife, threw him on the floor and avoided that my wife was raped by this monster."

Amadeu Trevisan, a delegate of the Civil Police and who is in charge of the investigation, revealed that the victim was initially beaten and then later killed : "Everything was committed during the event, the victim was beaten in the house of the main suspect.

"After that, he accompanied three other people and took the victim, still alive, to where they left the body."

Sao Paulo held a minute's silence prior to a training session on October 29  while Serie B side Sao Bento, whom Daniel had been playing for on loan prior to his death, released a statement offering solidarity to the family .

It read: "Sao Bento regrets the death of midfielder Daniel.  The player was hired on loan from Sao Paulo to strengthen the Sao Bento squad in Serie B. The cause of the death has not yet been confirmed.

"The board of directors of the club regrets the fact and offers solidarity with the family and friends of the player in this moment of deep sadness."

A number of other Brazilian clubs, including Cruzeiro and Atletica Ponte Preta , also expressed their condolences, while Botafogo, who are 14th in Brazil's top-flight league, are another of Daniel's former teams to have issued a statement .