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Samsung S8, Gear 360 and everything a football fan needs this holiday season

8:00 PM GMT+8 21/12/2017
Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City Spurs
With a jam-packed Premier League campaign set to run over the entirety of the festive period, make sure you're prepared to make the most of the action

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - because the football never stops!

From their stunning S8 mobile phone, through to the exclusive Goal+ app and a television that is providing a more immersive experience for football fans than ever before, Samsung have everything you need for a football-filled week.

More importantly, with the Black Friday bonanza now far enough behind us for another year, prices have once again dropped around the busiest shopping week of the year.


The ultimate phone camera for the festive period, the Galaxy S8 and S8+'s impressive rear camera will ensure football fans don't miss a single one of the precious moments over the holidays.

Whether it’s taking to social media to pledge your support for your team live in the stadium or across the dinner plate at home, the bright F1.7 lens and large 1.4µm pixels allow more light in than most other cameras on the market, ensuring you’ll get your shot regardless of the lighting.

And what about a festive footy selfie? The Galaxy 8MP front camera is so accurate that there’ll be no chance of not getting the perfect shot.


For so many of us, this is a time to show our love for all around us – and that includes the football!

Sure, we want to spend time with our loved ones, to provide them our undivided attention, but the truth is, the footy is on.

A packed Premier League period cannot be missed. So why not keep up-to-date by grabbing the Goal+ app, exclusive to Samsung devices, for the best and most family-friendly goal alerts around.

There's no need to even pick up your phone. Whenever your team scores, your Samsung Gear S3 watch will alert you to the goal, while the curved edge of the Infinity Display on the S8 will flash green if your team scores and red if the opponents find the net. 



If you’re heading out to the football yourself over the holidays, then what better way to capture the unique atmospere than with Samsung’s stunning Gear 360 camera technology.

Ever wish your friends could experience that moment when the stand literally rocked, that late-winner or that moment of genius you just know you might never witness again? Now they can. 

Samsung’s Gear 360 technology allows you to truly dump a friend or family member right in the middle of the action and experience the full picture. 

So if your friend can't make it to the game, why not give them the pricless gift of joining you with Gear 360.


If you do stay at home to watch the football over the holidays, then do it properly.

Samsung's QLED Smart TV takes light and turns it into breath-taking colour, making it the ultimate screen on which to catch all the action. 

And if your viewing goes deep into the night, then fear not: With a very low light reflectivity, you’ll get impeccable contrast regardless of the time of day or the light in the room.

Invite friends over for the game, too, safe in the knowledge that every seat is a great seat. Thanks to its wide viewing angles, the ‘best seat in the house’ has become a thing of the past.