Ramos never apologised for Champions League final elbow – Karius

The Besiktas goalkeeper says that he has nothing against the Spain defender personally and has admitted that he has watched the match back

Loris Karius has revealed that Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos failed to apologise for elbowing the Liverpool goalkeeper during the Champions League final earlier this year.

The German shot-stopper hit the headlines in that match as he made two grave errors as Los Blancos claimed a 3-1 victory, though the Reds later revealed that he was suffering concussion, likely caused by an earlier collision with the Spain centre-back.

Karius, however, failed to regain the confidence of manager Jurgen Klopp and has since been shipped out to Besiktas on an extended loan deal in a bid to rebuild his career.

While he is not willing to say whether he felt Ramos inflicted his injury deliberately, he is simply trying to cope with the aftermath.

Asked if the 32-year-old had apologised, he told Bild: “No. I don’t think that he has got my number. He’s a hard player but I have nothing against him personally.

“I don’t know whether he did that on purpose, but that doesn’t matter to me in the end. Only one person knows and this is Sergio Ramos. I went down and thought: ‘What’s going on now?’ No reaction from the five referees. I felt the adrenaline rushing through my body and thought only about playing on.”

“A concussion was proven, and it harmed my spatial vision. The club asked me to go see a specialist. But again, I won’t use this as an excuse. I performed constantly throughout the whole season, so you can put it this way: under ordinary circumstances I cannot explain those mistakes.”

Despite the clash being a nightmarish scenario for the goalkeeper, he has admitted he has watched it back.

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“Yes, I’ve watched that Ramos scene. And the highlights,” he said. 

“You sometimes don’t understand how a certain situation could arise. I wanted to have better judgement, that’s why I watched it in the night and the next day again.”

The 25-year-old has played three times for Besiktas since moving to Turkey and has conceded a single goal in each of the three games he has featured in.