Philadelphia Union looking to hire 'Chief Tattoo Officer'

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Richie Marquez Philadelphia Union
USA Today
The Major League Soccer side is looking at a unique way to build team and fan unity.

Those looking at jobs available with the Philadelphia Union may have been surprised to see an unusual posting listed on the MLS club’s website.

Listed among the marketing job, internships and sales gigs is a position as CTO – Chief Tattoo Officer.

The job is as its title would indicate – to provide tattoos for the team and its front office.  It's certainly not something you see every day. In fact, the Union say the position has never been offered by a professional sports team before.

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The Union also would like everyone to know, this is not a joke posting.

“To me, one of the most important things is this is not a stunt,” Union vice-president Doug Vosik told “This is a legit partner we’re bringing on board to take care of our players and do some really fun things with fans eventually, once we have a shop.”

So how did the idea generate? Vosik was discussing his tattoos with some of the new Union signings when one of them, Giliano Wijnaldum, brother of Liverpool midfielder Geoginio, started doing the same. When Vosik realized the players didn’t know where they might go if they wanted to get another tattoo, the idea was born.

“I talked to the players and said, ‘Here’s a crazy idea for you, what do you guys think?’” he said of the idea of hiring someone for the official team tattoo artist position. “At least 10 guys were like, ‘That’s amazing. Sign me up.’”

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What will it entail? Vrosik says it will be like any other staff position, except the person will “still have their business” and won’t need to be on-site at the Union’s offices. The players and front office people will be able to either go to the shop or have the artist come to them.

While not all the Union players have tattoos, Vrosik said the idea was popular enough that “about 10 more guys” said they’d get one.

Vrosik says he’s going through applicants at the moment, having players assist him in the task. The position may not be filled for at least a few weeks, but that once a hire is made, Vrosik will be the first to get one.