Beating Real is all that matters for Fernando Torres

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The Atleti striker is in no doubt that his side's underdog status will count for nothing when they face Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final

Fernando Torres believes that the only thing that will be remembered from their Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid is whether they win or not.

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The two Madrid sides meet in a Champions League semi-final, next week, with a place in Cardiff at stake for both teams.

Torres is in his second spell with Atletico, after re-joining in 2015 and has vast experience in Madrid derbies, insisting that nothing more than a victory will do against their rivals.

“In the end, winning is the only thing you will remember,” Torres told Marca.

“We have the opportunity that no generation has done and that has to be the motivation.

"It is a team that always has huge squad depth with a number of young players with hunger to feed the team.

“The naivety of youth compensates for the lack of experience and Madrid players who aren’t playing as often are making the squad better.

“Our rivalry means we have special matches, usually in the league and, in recent years, in Europe too. So the importance of the games has increased and that has to make us feel proud.”

Torres is likely to play some part in the derby, having had experience in Champions League semi-finals in the past, namely with Chelsea, when he helped them overcome Barcelona.

Chelsea were underdogs that night, and the forward believes that this semi-final won’t be too dissimilar.

Fernando Torres

“It’s true that there are favourites and Barcelona were against Chelsea,” he said.

“Real Madrid are favourites against anyone, it’s a further stimulus but we know who we are.

“We can compete against anyone and we are not afraid of anyone. It will be very tough but with encouragement we can reach the other side.

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“A minute can change everything. In that game [Barcelona v Chelsea] I wasn’t a starter and in the end I scored the winner.

“We have the privilege of being able to write pages in the history of Atletico that have not yet been written. We can give people something we’ve been pursuing for 100 years.”