Naija Issa Goal, Musa issa Goal, This fan park issa goal

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“Musa Is A Goal!”, a young man at the back of the lounge screamed ecstatically on Friday evening. He was voicing the thoughts in the hearts of everyone at This Is Naija Fan Park, Soul Lounge, Kubwa, Abuja; after Ahmed Musa’s opening goal for Nigeria.

The general mood in the room had been expectant yet knowing – expecting the impossible yet knowing Nigeria had been disappointing for a while, despite our highly photo-worthy jerseys. Nigeria was playing against Iceland and the fan park was filled with people sitting and standing outside!


The shock and thunderous noise that erupted from the fans at the park reverberated through the lounge when Naija scored the first goal. When the second goal nearly tore through the net, the noise in Abuja went past deafening levels.


After that second goal, the mood changed drastically as fans in the fan park broke into songs, chanting “Musa is a goal oo”! When a third shot missed the net by mere inches, the uproar had chairs turning. Nigerians had become so greedy so quickly, from not scoring any goals to wanting more! “All we are saying, give us more goals’, they sang in unison.

Sixty seconds to the end of the match, the audience began counting down with the timer on screen. They were exhilarated! At the end of the match a man went around shouting Naija Issagoal ! He was over the moon, Naija had made him very proud.

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You can be a part of this wonderful experience as Naija battles perennial rivals Argentina, just walk into any of the fan parks located in Abuja (Soul lounge Kubwa) Port Harcourt (Higi Haga) , Calabar(The Dome) and Lagos (Eko Atlantic). You can also catch the action live on your devices with the Kwese Iflix app, just download and you are connected to the boys in Russia.