Mbalula: Jordaan was kingmaker in Ahmad's Caf triumph

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SAFA President Danny Jordaans casts his vote at Caf election
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The South African Minister of Sport and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula hailed new Caf president Ahmad Ahmad and Safa's Dr Danny Jordaan

Mbalula congratulated newly elected Confederation of African Football (Caf) leadership. Ahmad Ahmad, who won the Caf Presidential elections which were held in Ethiopia Thursday.

"We congratulate the newly elected President of Caf and South African Football Association (Safa) President Dr Danny Jordaan on his election to the Caf Executive Committee. I commend Safa's leadership for standing unshaken on principle to this end. After polling 35 votes to win, Dr Jordaan emerged as one of the kingmakers on the day. The election of a South African representative into the Caf Executive Committee is a positive development and bodes well for South African football. The South African football fraternity is proud of Dr Jordaan," Minister Mbalula said.

The Minister stressed the importance of a representative Caf that champion development and transformation. He further reiterated that a stronger Caf means stronger African football.

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"These elections herald a new dawn for African football and will bring about change and development. We wish nothing but success for the newly elected leadership. I join in the calls to unite and better African football," Minister Mbalula added.

Mbalula thanked the outgoing Caf leadership for its service to African football.

"Football democracy has taken off and there are no losers," Mbalula concluded.