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MFL hoping for more roster stability in coming years

5:32 PM GMT+8 30/05/2019
Malaysian Football League, 2019
The decline in the number of players replaced in the second transfer window has been viewed positively by the Malaysian Football League.

BY        ZULHILMI ZAINAL       Follow on Twitter

The slight decline in the number of players replaced by clubs in this season's second transfer window has been viewed positively by Malaysian competitions organiser Malaysian Football League (MFL).

According to the organisation, Malaysian clubs have registered 28 new local players and 32 new foreigners within this year's mid-season window, down from 36 and 35 respectively in the previous season's second window. The window was open from May 2 to May 29. 

Observers have been critical of Malaysian clubs' penchant for replacing players in the second window, which necessitates extra spending on the new recruits' wages, as well as on contract compensations for the departing players.

MFL chief operating officer Shazli Shaik Mohd concluded that the teams are now paying more attention towards roster and squad stability than previously.

"There are many factors we can come up with [regarding the decline], with the most important being that the club boards are now more mature in running their team, without requiring drastic changes mid-way through the season.

"...On top of this teams are also spending more prudently at a time when the economy is uncertain. Furthermore, the players signed in the current window are not highly-paid ones, as compared to those of the previous seasons, when teams tended to sign highly-paid new players," he was quoted as saying by MFL's media unit.

Shazli is hoping that the trend continues in the coming seasons, with his organisation's assistance.

"We'd like to thank all the teams who comprehend the player registration process well, which then facilitated it during the second window. Perhaps the briefings provided by the competitions unit have helped ensure that the registrations were undertaken smoothly.

"We hope that this continues in the future, by making sure that even fewer mid-season roster changes are made next year," he added.

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