Durakovic critical of Faris Ramli's goal in the QF first leg

The Australian wasn't the slightest bit happy with what he perceived as lack of fair play in the build up to PKNS getting the opening goal.

It was the middle of the first half and Perak's Shahrul Saad had kicked the ball out for medical attention to be given to Faris Ramli who was lying on the ground. From the throw in, PKNS found the opening goal, ironically through Faris and that did not sit well with Durakovic. 

The home side doubled their lead in the second half but Perak finally found the all-important away goal with literally the last kick of the match as Wander Luis converted from the penalty spot in the dying seconds of additional time. The 52-year-old head coach was absolutely livid with what had transpired but it wasn't the only bone of contention he had with the match.

For most of the match, it threatened to boil over after a few overzealous challenges and tussles from both parties and Durakovic was less than please with how the match was handled by the officials.

"Everyone saw the game, everyone saw who was the best team. They scored two goals but one was not fairplay but this is football. We thoroughly deserved the goal we got in the last minute. We continue and we get them at home now."

"The referee is there to control it. If he gives a yellow card early, maybe the tempo is not there any more. We cannot do anything, the referee control it how he wants to," said Durakovic after the match.

This is the first match for both teams after the recent extended international break. Durakovic had to do without the services of Hafizul Hakim, Shahrul Saad, Nazirul Naim, Nor Hakim Hassan and Syazwan Zaipol in the resumption of training.

However, he refused to put blame on the situation and is happy to oblige whenever his players get national call-ups. 

"It's normal. We got five players in the national team. I could have called them back but it's an honour to play for Malaysia and I want them to have that. It is what it is, it happens to all the teams." added Durakovic.