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Kagera Sugar will not suspend Juma Nyoso after beating a fan as TFF takes action

10:18 PM GMT+8 25/01/2018
Juma Nyosso
Juma Nyoso is yet to be charged with violent conduct by TFF for his attack on one of Simba fans

Kagera Coordinator, Mohamed Hussein earlier confirmed that the Federation and police had opened disciplinary proceedings against Nyoso following the incident and his club will not take any action against him.

"We are not going to suspend our player, he is training with his colleagues. We will support him despite of what happened."

Hussein added there had been “unacceptable behaviour” from a fan who subjected Nyoso to a “hateful attack” although as a professional and experienced player, Juma Nyoso should not have responded in such an inappropriate way.

"So we look at it with two eyes, first of all we keep our situation open, we will not give any suspension to our player because the supporter did an unacceptable behavior and he provoked Juma Nyoso despite the player himself being aggressive, but what the supporter did was malicious, I saw it.

"Blowing a vuvuzela to someone's ear is not acceptable, the player was coming from the pitch just after the final whistle, and the supporter was attacking Nyoso with abusive language, when he was playing and during the half time, remember he is also a human, he is was annoyed and got angry."

"The Federation and police will see what to do, so we look forward to seeing what the police will decide if they are going to court or approaching it in a different way we are ready help. The lad is out and is now training with his colleagues. " concluded Hussein.