Intercontinental Cup 2019: DPR Korea's Yun Jong-Su pleased with India result

The DPR Korea boss was pleased to watch his team score five goals and increase their chance of progressing to the final ...

DPR Korea earned their first three points of the Intercontinental Cup with a 5-2 win over hosts India. Coach Yun Jong-Su was pleased that hi team not only won the game, but also completed the objective of scoring a lot of goals.

“Today was a very crucial match for our team as we had to score as many goals as possible to get a better chance to advance to the final. So I think the players tried to score many goals, they score five goals. I think the players did their best,” he said.

“I saw the Indian team play against Tajikistan in the last match so I don’t think the Indian team was not that high ranking.

“In the first half, we played impressive football and scored three goals. In the second half, the defenders made some mistakes. Two mistakes let the other team score two goals. Now we have only one match to go so we have to prepare well for the last match.”