'We paid him a burger per goal... he scored eight one day' - Bolasie's bizarre wage

Yannick Bolasie of DR Congo
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The Congo international had a strange goal bonus at his first club because the board did not want to pay him £20-per-week to play non-league football


The life of a footballer is a tumultuous one. While the luxuries are obvious for those at the top, considering the amount of money that they make, players have to make immense sacrifices to keep themselves in good shape, including sticking to a strict diet.

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In the early days of his playing career, though, Everton's Yannick Bolasie must have been terribly confused - but not entirely disappointed - when he was paid in burgers instead of money.

The Congo international joined English non-league club Hillingdon Borough as a teenager before making his journey through the professional divisions with Plymouth, Bristol City and Crystal Palace before moving to the Toffees.

Now making good money, he has come a long way from being paid in unhealthy food.

Chairwoman Dee Dhand revealed the situation when she told the Daily Mirror: "I wanted to sign him for £20-a-week but others didn't agree.

"I ended up giving him a burger for every goal. He once scored eight, so he shared them with his team-mates."

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With just one goal in 14 Premier League games this season for Bolasie, perhaps Ronald Koeman should adopt Dhand's payment method if he wants to get the best out of him.