Hertha commemorate fall of Berlin Wall with incredible on-pitch display

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Hertha Berlin vs RB Leipzig, Berlin Wall tifo
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Just a week after their derby with city rivals Union the club celebrated the destruction of a barrier that had split their city for 38 years

Hertha Berlin have commemorated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with an astounding tifo and on-field performance ahead of their Bundesliga game with RB Leipzig.

The wall had split Berlin, marking the dividing line between Western Europe and the communist countries in the East. At the collapse of the Soviet Union the wall was torn down, however, reuniting a city that had been cut in two for 38 years.

That was 30 years ago today and Hertha celebrated the anniversary with a touching display commemorating the reunification of their city.

Fans behind one of the goals in the Olympiastadion unveiled a fabric replica of part of the wall, while fans on the field held up concrete blocks, recreating the barrier.

A Trabant car, a vestige of the deposed Communist regime in East Berlin, passed through the display, which was then toppled over; reminiscent of the day in 1989 when people from both East and West Berlin brought down a symbol of division.

Hertha finally met their rivals Union Berlin in a derby fixture last weekend, losing 1-0 to a late penalty.

Union, who made their home in East Germany before unification, faced a long battle to make it into the Bundesliga, while Hertha were charter members of the league in 1963.

Urs Fischer's side were finally promoted to the top flight at the end of last season, and wasted no time getting one over on their crosstown rivals.

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The Bundesliga new-boys were away at Mainz on Saturday, celebrating the reunification of Berlin with a 3-2 win that lifts them to 11th in the table.

Hertha were unable to match Union’s victory going down to a 4-2 defeat to Leipzig, despite taking the lead in the 32nd minute.

Hertha are now in 12th place in the Bundesliga table after their third consecutive defeat, three points behind Union, who have now won back-to-back games for the first time this season.