Have Juventus copied tennis ace Soderling's logo?

The Swedish tennis player has claimed that the Italian club's new crest bears a strong similarity to his own from four years ago

Juventus unveiled their new logo on Monday, but they did not receive the reception they may have expected.

The new club crest, which features two white lines on a black backround to create a 'J', was criticised by supporters who saw it as too much of a departure from their traditional badge.

New Juventus 'condom' logo mocked

However, as well as the negative Tweets, the Serie A side have also been accused of plagiarism, with their new logo looking very similar to one from tennis star Robin Soderling.

The Swede unveiled his branding in 2013, with a very similar style and colour-scheme to the new Juve crest.

Juventus's design has also encouraged another club to follow suit and rebrand themselves with a tribute.

Russian club Yenisey Krasnoyarsk shared a new design for their club badge, imitating the Juve style.

Whether Yenisey will decide to use this rebranded crest is yet unclear.