Hamidin defends FAM's part in players salary problems

Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin has come to the defence of FAM over their functions in the salary arrears suffered by the players in the domestic league.

The Malaysian football scene is abuzz with talk of salary problems again after Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (FAM) revealed on August 4 that a total of RM6.4 million is owed to players. PFAM's Chief Executive Officer Izham Ismail lashed out at the gross mismanagement of the governing bodies in handling the problem.

Both Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Malaysian Football League (MFL) were chided for their part in the problem by Izham in his statement for their lack of actions. He also went on the proclaim that the football industry is currently in a very chronic state because of it.

FAM president Hamidin was on a official visit to a Football Coaches Association of Malaysia (PJBM) event on Tuesday and he was quizzed by the media afterwards as to his stance on the matter. Hamidin went on to explain that FAM have put in a lot of work in solving the salary arrears and it is a work-in-progress. 

“From the start of the year, we’ve spent approximately RM 4 million from the grants and deposits to pay off most of the arrears. There are players who have not gotten their salaries which we have helped to the best of our abilities based on the standard operating procedures of FAM. There are few millions more that we can deplete from their respective grants with FAM or MFL is the maximum that we can do.

"The damage control that we can do and will be pursuing is to ensure that only clubs who are financially healthy and capable to handle the cost, will be allowed to compete next season. To say that FAM or MFL are not doing ourr job, is not right. We are doing what we can within the authority that we are given," said Hamidin after the PJBM event.

While the salary arrears remained a big problem in Malaysian football, not all cases are reported to FAM and as such there's a discrepancy over the value put forth by PFAM with what FAM have on official records. Some of the cases are also on-going investigation with no decisions made yet, and therein lies the possible reason for the discrepancies.

To that note, FAM also can only work on the cases with teams that are still in operation or participating in the domestic league. Which leaves the cases involving the likes of Kuantan FA, Marcerra United and Hanelang FA out of their jurisdiction, making the only option left to them is to pursue civil suit over their former employers.


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