FIFA approves CRWG recommendations with FFA at a crossroads

Australian football governance is set for some changes

FIFA has expressed its full support for recommendations made by the Congress Review Working Group which is seeking an overhaul of Australian football governance.

The CRWG report, which was recently made public, is seeking considerable changes to the FFA congress and an independent A-League -  both of which would strip away significant power from Australia's chief governing body.

Despite four of nine member federations expressing their reservations about certain aspects of the CWRG, FIFA stated that all recommendations are in line with their own requirements.

FIFA however won't be interfering just yet and called for an 'extraordinary general meeting' to be held by the FFA as soon as possible to work through ongoing differences.

According to The Australian, two of the member federations with initial objections to the CRWG, Tasmania and Northern NSW, are considering their options and could be swayed to support the recommendations.

Their votes will be crucial, with three of 10 congress votes needed to derail the CRWG's recommendations. 

FFA Chairman Steven Lowy confirmed last week he will be stepping aside from his position and expressed his concerns with proposed changes the CRWG wishes to implement.

"I wanted to make it clear that I would not under any circumstances wish to serve in a governance structure where independence of the game was compromised," Lowy said.

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"The CRWG model would do just that. Acting as a block as they have done throughout the process.

“Australian football faces an existential question: how to govern the game? Through vested interests or true independence.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. We're at a tipping point. It could get stronger or it could break if vested interests prevail."