FIFA 19 Team of the Season Market Crash - Gullit, Mbappe and Varane among the biggest price drops

With price drops of up to one million coins, this might be your best chance at sniping a bargain on Ultimate Team.

The football season is nearing its conclusion, and there is only one thing FIFA 19 players have on their mind - the Team of the Season (TOTS) cards.

With the game-changing set of cards coming to Ultimate Team soon, prices across the market are dropping.

Loads of players are saving their coins for TOTS, with fewer players are being sold on the market, and as such prices are falling in hopes of more sales.

It is never quite known when these drops will begin FIFA YouTuber Mathew 'MattHDGamer' Craig released a video earlier this week showing that the market crash has already begun.

And speaking to Goal, Matt explained exactly what might have caused the crash: "This market crash was caused by people selling their cards and panicking ahead of one of the biggest promos in the FIFA calendar - TOTS.

"On top of that, a lot of professional FIFA players have also stopped playing FIFA due to event qualifiers being complete. They don’t need their great cards like Icons and sell those cards for a lower price driving down the price of most high tier cards."

Speaking of Icons, if you bought 93-rated Prime Icon Ruud Gullit a month ago you might be a little bit gutted.

The Dutchman was selling for around 4.2 million coins at the start of April but has staggeringly dropped down to 3.3 million on the market. That's theoretically 900k coins that you may have missed out on.

It's a similar story with his common midfield partner Patrick Vieira, whose Prime card was selling for 2.1m coins just a couple of weeks ago but has now dropped down to 1.9m coins. To give you an idea of how rapidly these prices are falling, the same card was selling for 3.6m coins at the start of January.

One of the craziest drops over the year has been Raphael Varane's normal card. A staple for FIFA players, Varane was selling for around 200k coins in December but dropped down to 100k in February.

Now, one of the best non-special defenders on the game is available for just 40k, which is an absolute steal considering his pace and defensive stats.

Another card which should be more affordable for average players is Paulo Dybala's. The Juventus forward is now only 49,000 coins, after being 63,000 only two weeks ago.

Some of these drops are happening on a day by day basis too. Cristiano Ronaldo's Team of the Year card has dropped from 7 million coins to 6.7 million coins in a matter of days and could be falling still.

If, for whatever reason, you were thinking of selling him you might want to act fast, you could be losing coins by the day.

One of the craziest drops picked out by MattHDGamer is Mbappe's 90-rated Team of the Week card. Less than 10 days ago the PSG forward's card was trading at 920,000, whereas today he can be picked up for as little as 738,000. Nearly a 200,000 coin drop in under two weeks! 

While these price drops are worrying for some, there is also a lot to be excited about.

MattHDGamer gave Goal some of his top trading tips for taking full advantage: "Players should look to invest in 83s and 84s that will be popular for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). If they think 84 Gimenez is too low in value, buy now to sell for profit during TOTS as EA will release big SBCs.

"In general, people should invest in Premier League or La Liga 83s 84s as they are very desirable or Icons, 85+ in forms or 87s if they want to make as many coins as possible."

With TOTS on the horizon, these next couple of weeks will be crucial in the FIFA market. Make some smart moves and you could end up with an amazing team and plenty of coins leftover - ending FIFA 19 on a high.