Fake Email scandal? East Bengal might face defamation suit

Quess East Bengal
The Red and Golds are going through a horrid September and will have only themselves to blame.

East Bengal's bad times are showing no signs of abating as Libero Sports have now threatened to file a defamation suit against the club after a fresh controversy erupted regarding a social media post by a club employee. 

The 99-year old club have been handed a transfer ban by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) for flouting rules in their bid to sign former Minerva Punjab defender Sukhdev Singh. 

However, a copy of the email posted on social media by the club's media representative changed the narrative and transferred the blame on Libero Sports.

There was a twist left in the tale though, as the agency in question, Libero Sports, has now categorically denied sending the email, alleging that it is a morphed image to malign them and a ploy by the club management to shift the blame after a blunder. 

The agency has now knocked on AIFF's door to report the incident, while also asking for a public apology from the employee in question as well as the club, failing which they have threatened to file defamation suits. 

Libero Sports Sukhdev East Bengal

"It’s unfortunate all these false accusations by a club official has escalated to a whole new level of lies and misdirection for the fans and the people related to this issue. The accusations are baseless and utterly fake. At the end of the day, we all want to see Indian Football grow and be a part of top footballing countries globally. I believe Indian football is heading for good days and we should look forward to it. We should learn to take our responsibilities sincerely for the good of the industry at large," the complaint read. 

"The employee in question is a media executive of East Bengal club. It is wrongful from his side and we will continue to take steps so that it does not happen to anyone in the future. This email was never sent by me and I can say that no such email was sent from my end on 25th March 2018. The content itself is naive and is for someone who does not understand anything about the process," wrote Nula Kohringam, who had allegedly sent the mail to Alvito.

If proved right, this allegation could further deepen the misery for East Bengal and it remains to be seen how they respond to these charges.