Don't be at FAM for too long - JDT president's plea to TMJ

Johor Darul Ta'zim president Tunku Aminah Sultan Ibrahim
Johor Southern Tigers Facebook
JDT president Tunku Tun Aminah Sultan Ibrahim has said that club owner Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is not appreciated in his role as FAM president.

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Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) club president Tunku Tun Aminah Sultan Ibrahim has issued a heartfelt plea to club owner and Malaysian FA (FAM) president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, to not assume his post at the association for an extended time.

On Friday morning, Tunku Tun Aminah, who is also Tunku Ismail's sister, issued a short statement on the club's social media, urging the crown prince of Johor to limit his time as FAM president and to return to running the club.

"I hope HRH Crown Prince of Johor will not remain as the President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for too long. It's better to serve and contribute where you are appreciated and loved.

"Don't stay there for too long and it's better for you to come home rather than staying there where you are not being appreciated. Although JDT are already at a high level, guide them to a higher level and focus on Johor who appreciate and loved you more," wrote the Johor princess, who was appointed as the club president in August 2016.

Earlier, on Thursday evening, the club's social media had lambasted the country's sports media, accusing it of judging Tunku Ismail, who is also known as TMJ to fans, too prematurely after Malaysia's 2-1 Asian Cup qualification campaign opener defeat to Lebanon.

The post, which was not signed by anyone at the club, also accused the media of corrupt practices.

"All the positive things done by HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor, have been forgotten and not appreciated. His Royal Highness' credibility was judged and debated based on the result of one match.

"During Malaysian football's darkest days when over 100 players were involved in corruption, no media mentioned the president. In the past 2-3 years when Malaysia lost 10-0, 6-0, nobody wrote about the president or Dollah Salleh.

"But today, after Malaysia lost a game to a stronger team, the media wrote HRH Crown Prince of Johor has failed. It is because His Royal Highness does not bribe the media and take care of politicians. Congratulations to Malaysian media," claimed the post.