Djourou forced to go blonde after Trump bet

The former Arsenal defender has a new look hairstyle after losing a wager to his wife about the US presidential election


What is worse than seeing your preferred political candidate lose to their rival? Losing a bet on that same candidate to your wife!

That is exactly what has happened to former Arsenal and current Hamburg defender Johan Djourou.

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The centre-back lost a wager to wife Emilie that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the US presidential election, and faced an embarassing punishment as a result.

Djourou's lost bet means he was forced to dye his hair blonde, sharing a snap of the unfortunate look on his Instagram account, with the caption "So let me explain! [Emilie] and me had a bet, I told her that Hillary Clinton would have been the next president of the US. She told me no way that Trump would be the next president, and not because she likes him but she just felt that way!

"And now I am Blond thanks baby, but I will get you back next time!!!! so guys what do you think of my haircut?"


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Hamburg fans are eagerly waiting to see whether the Switzerland international will still have the blonde look when they take on Ingolstadt on Saturday.