Could Pienaar snub Orlando Pirates for one final European swansong?

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The veteran midfielder has stated that while he wants to return to South Africa, he will consider spending one last season in Holland

Steven Pienaar sent Orlando Pirates fans' tongues wagging when he previously stated that he would consider offers from the Buccaneers.

However, after opening the door for a potential return to the Premier Soccer League (PSL), the 35-year-old has now said that while his time in England is up, he may consider spending one more year in Europe.

Pienaar began his European adventure in the Netherlands almost two decades ago, and the former Bafana Bafana captain believes that a return to the Eredivisie is not out of the question.

“The wear and tear has been showing over the last two years. Because of the way my body is and the kind of player I am‚ I’ve been through a lot‚” Pienaar told The Times.

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“But to play 10 years at that level is an achievement on its own. And I must say I’m proud of myself to have gone through that. The body structure wasn’t on my side, but I told myself in my mind‚ mentally‚ that I’m going to do it and I did. But the body has taken some big hits,” Pienaar added.

“Obviously the pace of the game is higher in England than in other countries, and for me‚ I told myself that 'listen I’m not going to fool myself and say I’ll try another year'. I might try another year in Holland, because the pace of the game is slower. It’s more tactical. But in England‚ no chance,” Pienaar concluded.