Caf president Ahmad backs Nyantakyi to contest in upcoming Ghana FA elections

The continent's football association chief believes his first vice president has an unfinished business in Ghana

Caf president Ahmad Ahmad wants his vice Kwesi Nyantakyi to seek a fresh term as Ghana FA chief.

Nyantakyi, 49, who was elected as Ghana FA president in 2005, will conclude his third term in 2019. He has announced his intention to bow out in favour of a new generation.

However, Ahmad believes Nyantakyi should seek reelection since he has an unfinished business in the development of the game in Ghana

“If the government and people ask him to continue, then why must he stop? The people need him, the stakeholders need him [for the development of the game] so why must he not contest again?” Ahmad told Starr FM.

“We are here to serve our nation and service to your country comes first and so I will advise him to seek re-election in 2019,” he added.

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Ahmad on Wednesday wrapped up a week’s visit to Ghana where he was awarded a honorary doctorate degree in law at the University of Professional Studies in Accra.