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Ajax star David Neres released by police after breaking coronavirus rules to attend underground nightclub in Sao Paulo

12:13 AM GMT+8 29/05/2021
David Neres Ajax 2021
The 24-year-old and Sao Paulo defender Robert Arboleda were among those questioned after police shut down the illegal party

Ajax and Brazil winger David Neres was questioned by police after violating coronavirus restrictions by attending a party in Sao Paulo.

The 24-year-old was held by police along with Sao Paulo defender Robert Arboleda and the pair were released on Friday.

Police shut down the night club after an inspection found that 124 people were at the party. The owner attempted to give everyone face masks when inspectors arrived at around 2am, but 15 attendees could not put them on.

What happened to Neres and Arboleda?

The Brazil and Ecuador internationals were taken to the police station and gave testimony, as was the owner of the club.

It is not yet known if the players will be charged with crimes for violating public health laws.

The club owner faces a R$200,000 (£27,000/$38,000) fine as event and concert venues in Sao Paulo cannot open after 9pm and crowds are prohibited.

How have the players and clubs reacted?

Neres' management told reporters that he has only been given a warning, suggesting he will not be charged

"He was literally outside the police station within five minutes and got off with a warning," said a spokesman. 

"Several people were taken to establish their identity and record data."

Ajax have not made a statement, but Sao Paulo have confirmed that Arboleda will be left out of the team until it is proven he does not have Covid-19.

He will miss Saturday's game against Fluminense as a result.

"Sao Paulo regrets what happened to the player Robert Arboleda, this morning, in the East Zone of the capital," a statement read. 

"In view of this fact, the athlete will be isolated in the coming days, being tested daily until we are convinced that he was not infected.

"The player will be fined, and the administrative punishment converted into basic baskets donated to the G10 Favelas.".

Arboleda posted an apology on his Instagram story, saying: "I would like to apologise to everyone for what happened this morning. Impulsively, I made a decision that I know is not the best.

"Of course, I am aware of the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, as well as in my home country, Ecuador, and I reiterate that I made a wrong and impulsive decision to come to the scene, even though I took all the necessary precautions and wore a mask all the time."

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