AIFF: We don’t recognize Football Players Association of India

Anuj Kichlu
Not so good news for the players association as the Indian FA aren’t keen to acknowledge their presence…

The Football Players Association of India (FPAI) raised several concerns over the financial stability and employment concerns of the players earlier this week should the Indian Super League (ISL) opt to conduct a draft as opposed to an open market.

It was claimed that the draft system isn’t something the players are in favour given that it doesn’t allow them the choice to choose their team. FPAI also mentioned that they the ISL needs to introduce a minimum salary cap in order to ensure the well being of a player.

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The Players Association also pointed that there mustn’t be a limit to the number of Indian players a franchise could sign as it restricts the opportunity for several players.

With lack of clarity on how the 2017-18 season would pan out, the FPAI remarked that the players aren’t sure as to what would be the maximum length of the contract. They asked for a definitive plan which would help the players plan better.

However, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) have reiterated their stand of not acknowledging the FPAI.

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“As the AIFF, we do not recognize the FPAI,” a top AIFF official informed Goal.

Questioned on the reason for the same, the official responded, “Their structure isn’t correct.”

The FPAI was formed in 2006 by Bhaichung Bhutia and is the sole representative body for professional players in India. It was handed recognition by FIFPro, the worldwide representative body for players, in 2009 and is registered under the Society’s Act in India.

Former India international Renedy Singh currently serves as FPAI's president.