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Udinese v Juventus Live Commentary, 03/05/2021

1 - 2
N. Molina (10)
Cristiano Ronaldo (83 pen)
Cristiano Ronaldo (89)
Dacia Arena


That concludes our commentary of the Serie A fixture between Udinese and Juventus! We hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Udinese will look to bounce back next week, when they host Bologna. Juventus play Milan on Sunday in a crucial tie for both sides’ Champions League hopes.
It certainly wasn’t a match to remember for Juventus, but at this stage of the season it doesn’t matter as Pirlo’s side come away from the Dacia Arena with all three points, after what really was an unconvincing performance. Molina’s opener after 10 minutes was cancelled out with seven minutes to go from the spot, after Ronaldo’s free-kick met the arm of De Paul inside the penalty area. The Portugal international would make it a double just six minutes later, when Rabiot’s far-post cross found the unmarked striker. The Bianconeri put themselves back into third place ahead of a massive match with Milan next week, while the loss keeps Udinese in 11th.
90' + 4' For the first time since this data is available (2004/05) Udinese have faced a penalty in five consecutive Serie A games - no team has conceded a penalty in more games consecutively during this period.
T. Ouwejan
B. Nuytinck
90' + 2' Ouwejan replaces Nuytinck with three minutes to go. 
90' + 1' The fourth official indicates five minutes will be added to the end of the match in the aftermath of Juve's second goal. 
A. Rabiot
89' The substitute pays dividends immediately as Rabiot provides the assist for Ronaldo just five minutes after coming on. 
Cristiano Ronaldo
89' RONALDO MAKES THE DIFFERENCE AS JUVENTUS OVERTURN THE DEFICIT! 2-1! Incredible! Rabiot charges forward down the left and launches a cross to the far post for Ronaldo, who turns it home from an acute angle! Scuffet really should have done better at the near post as the visitors take the lead!
86' Juventus’ corner is taken looking for Ronaldo, but Samir does enough in marking his man to force the striker to put it over the crossbar.
A. Rabiot
W. McKennie
84' Rabiot is sent on for McKennie, as the Juventus midfield receives an injection of fresh legs with six minutes left. 
Félix Correia
J. Cuadrado
84' Cuadrado makes way for Correia as Juventus make a change after going level.
K. Bonifazi
84' Samir replaces Bonifazi as Gotti changes things up after conceding. 
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Goal
83' GOAL! 1-1 Ronaldo makes no mistake from the spot - sending his shot into the left corner! 
R. De Paul
Yellow Card
82' De Paul is booked for the handball which has provided Juve a chance to draw level in the late stages of the match! 
82' PENALTY TO JUVENTUS! Unbelievable scenes! Ronaldo rockets his free-kick into the wall, where it connects with the arm of De Paul! The referee immediately blows his whistle and points to the spot - the Bianconeri have their lifeline!
81' Cuadrado wins a free-kick from Stryger Larsen just outside the penalty area. With nine minutes remaining, can Ronaldo restore parity from the set-piece?
80' With 10 minutes remaining, Juventus will need to hope for something out of the blue, as the first 80 minutes have not been of a high enough quality to win the match. Scuffet has remained somewhat unbothered, as the defence in front of him has done enough to see off the danger.
78' De Paul uses his body well to shield the ball and invite contact from Kulusevski, who runs through the back of the Udinese captain. It’s a free-kick for the hosts, who are once again able to slow down the tempo and control the pace of play.
76' Danilo puts a low cross towards Ronaldo on the edge of the penalty area, but his dummy isn’t read by Morata, who fails to move into the right position to get on the end of the pass. The Udinese defence are let off the hook again.
74' Molina miscontrols a simple pass out to the wing during an Udinese counter-attack, allowing Juventus to get back to defend. Forestieri wins a corner for their efforts in the end after a pass slipped through by De Paul and met by the substitute is turned wide by Bonucci.
F. Forestieri
T. Arslan
72' Arslan was booked earlier in the match and with that in mind, he’ll be removed with 18 minutes remaining. Forestieri is his replacement.
70' Alex Sandro bursts into the penalty area dangerously and slips a pass across the face of goal for McKennie, but yet again it’s Bonifazi who manages to whack it away - his team-leading fifth clearance of the match. He’s been tremendous today in the heart of defence, giving Juve absolutely nothing.
68' Juventus are able to go more direct following the change, with Morata providing a physical presence up top, allowing Ronaldo to float around and enter space wherever he sees it. The switch will need to be effective fairly quickly, as the Bianconeri need two goals to end the weekend in a Champions League place.
P. Dybala
66' A change in attack sees Dybala replaced by Morata with just over 20 minutes remaining. 
65' Udinese’s Rodrigo de Paul has been directly involved in 16 goals in Serie A this season (eight goals and eight assists). He has only fared better in 2018/19 (17: nine goals and eight assists).
63' Becao’s in the right place at the right time as Kulusevski’s clever work on the left frees up the midfielder for a shot in space inside the penalty area. The centre-back steps up intelligently and gets a strong foot to block the effort, sending it back into Juve’s half.
61' De Paul bursts inside with a change of pace, getting by Kulusevski as he goes, but he’s unable to find Okaka with a simple pass, as Bonucci cuts across to intercept. Udinese are building up well in attack using the striker as a focal point to build off.
D. Kulusevski
F. Bernardeschi
59' Confirmation of the change, as Bernardeschi is withdrawn for Kulusevski. He’s had a very poor match, failing to contribute anything of note from that left wing.
58' Pirlo looks to be preparing a change on the touchline, as we approach the hour. It appears as though Kulusevski will be the man sent on - with Pirlo hoping he can quicken Juve’s pedestrian pace.
56' Dybala’s free-kick, swung into the penalty area is met once again by Bonifazi, who has been busy today to wonderful effect, using his industry to get to every cross first.
R. Pereyra
Yellow Card
55' Pereyra is booked for kicking Cuadrado in the face during an attempt to control a bouncing ball in front of the Juventus winger. He’ll have no complaints about the card.
54' Juventus get forward via Danilo, but a firm challenge from Walace wins the ball cleanly and sends the right-back to the floor. It’s a great ball-winning tackle from the midfielder, who once again thwarts an attack.
52' HOW HAS HE MISSED?! Arslan rolls it into Okaka before receiving it just inside the penalty area. The midfielder shifts to get free of De Ligt before hammering a shot to the near post, but he’s somehow missed the target! A great chance for Udinese to go 2-0 wasted!
50' Great idea by Juventus to work a quick one-two around the penalty area, but Dybala’s pass through for Ronaldo is missing the required power, as it fails to reach the Portugal international in tons of space inside the penalty area.
48' Both teams remain unchanged as we start the second half, with Pirlo confident in the XI he’s chosen to get the job done. Ronaldo is always a threat to score a goal, but he’ll need more than the 23 touches he had in the first half, the second-lowest total only behind Szczesny. 
46' Udinese get the match restarted from the kick-off!
There’s no other option for Juventus except for attack, as the possibility of staying fifth with four matches to go becomes ever-more real. Despite an injury to Federico Chiesa, Pirlo is loaded with attacking talent on the bench, as Ramsey, Morata and Kulusevski are all waiting and available. If Juventus manage one, it could be case of the opening of the floodgates, with Udinese showing little intent to attack after scoring in the first. For the hosts, the experienced Samir could be an option to bolster the defence, with ex-Juventino Llorente a replacement at striker. 
A lacklustre half for the visitors sees Juventus down 1-0 at the interval, thanks to Molina’s unlikely goal after just 10 minutes. Against the run of play, Juventus haven’t done anything to correct the earlier mistake, looking very one-dimensional in attack. Bonifazi and the Udinese defence have been rock solid so far, with Ronaldo doing every little save for providing an aerial threat during set-pieces. Gotti will be thrilled with how his side have played in the first 45, as their organisation has seen them weather every storm.
T. Arslan
Yellow Card
44' Arslan is shown the first booking of the match for a lunging tackle on Cuadrado to end a Juventus counter-attack. 
42' Pereyra slides in front of Danilo during a fight for the loose ball and wins a free-kick after a period of sustained Juve pressure. With under five minutes left in the half, Gotti will be hoping his side can see out the remainder of the clock. 
40' Juventus have earned only 25 away points so far in Serie A this season (W6 D7 L3), fewer than any other team currently in the top six in the standings.
38' Dybala’s delivery is a dangerous one, looking for Ronaldo on the six-yard box. Again Scuffet shows no fear coming off his line to punch the ball away in front of the Portugal international, but his pummeled clearance falls to the foot of De Ligt inside the penalty area. The goalkeeper manages to scramble back but the ball ends up over the crossbar anyways.
37' Bernardeschi looks to cut inside to facilitate the attack, but Walace doesn’t let him - sticking out a leg and tripping up the winger. It’s a free-kick for Juve just over 25 yards out.
36' The Friulani seem comfortable just knocking it about in Juve’s half, slowing down the pace and looking for contact wherever possible. The early goal has certainly conditioned their lack of urgency, though it’ll be hard to switch gears should the Bianconeri find the leveler.
34' Dybala finds a little bit of space to turn just outside the penalty area after a slick Bentancur pass, but Bonifazi’s deflection allows Scuffet to stick an arm out to parry the shot, before catching his own rebound.
33' Juventus will have to do much more to trouble their opponents if they wish to get something before the half. Whenever the visitors have turned up the intensity and quickened their passing, they’ve looked penetrative. The problem is their inability to sustain it, allowing Udinese to always sit back in their preferred shape.
31' Alex Sandro lunges into a tackle on Okaka, catching the striker squarely on the heel. The Udinese players are all calling for a card, but the referee remains unmoved as he gives the hosts a free-kick and nothing more.
29' Ronaldo looks to track down an aerial ball, but in doing so he pushes over Bonifazi, who had taken up a good position to defend the attack. Another unnecessary foul gives Udinese a chance to clear their lines.
27' SO CLOSE TO THE EQUALISER! Cuadrado takes over corner duties and puts his deliver to the six-yard box, where it misses the jumping Ronaldo, only for McKennie to connect with a diving header at the far post. It’s the first real sight at goal for Juventus this match, but the United States international puts it wide! 
25' Dybala’s corner from the left is taken to the near post for Alex Sandro, whose flick-on helps Udinese’s defence clear the danger from the set-piece. Juventus regain possession, but they’ll have to start from inside their own half.
23' Juventus are really struggling to make an impact on the match, with the occasional cross from the right about all the attack can muster. Cuadrado’s deliveries as of yet haven’t been able to find a team-mate, with Bonifazi marshaling an alert and comfortable defence.
21' Juventus have won six of their last seven Serie A games against Udinese - the only exception being the most recent game at the Dacia Arena, a 2-1 win for the Friulians last July.
19' Alex Sandro interchanges with Dybala and continues his run forward, before getting crowded off the ball by a combination of Walace and Becao. Rather cynically, Bernardeschi takes the legs out from underneath the Udinese goalscorer, giving the hosts another free-kick to clear their lines
17' Juventus are furious with the referee, who ends Juve’s attack and awards Udinese a free-kick on the edge of their own area, after Cuadrado’s seemingly innocuous kick connected with the leg of Molina.
15' Cuadrado’s delivery is a spectacular one, but Scuffet steps off his line and braves the danger, getting a punch to the ball before colliding with De Ligt. It’s strong goalkeeping from Udinese’s backup, in action today because of a red card to Musso.
14' Cuadrado’s clever turn puts Arslan into an awkward defensive position - forcing the Udinese midfielder to commit a foul. Juventus have a free-kick on the right in a good position for a cross.
12' It’s certainly not gone to plan for Pirlo, who will have to galvanize his side after a stunning early goal from the hosts. They’ve got well over an hour to correct their early misstep, but having an advantage will certainly boost the confidence of Luca Gotti’s men.
R. De Paul
10' De Paul's cleverly taken set-piece caught Juventus completely off-guard, allowing his team-mate through on goal. It's the assist for Udinese's opener! 
N. Molina
10' MOLINA GIVES UDINESE THE LEAD! JUVENTUS CAUGHT NAPPING! De Paul takes a free-kick outside the penalty area short to Molina before the Juventus defence could set themselves to defend the set-piece. Without anyone set, Molina steals into the area and blasts a shot high into the roof of the net! 1-0 to the hosts!
9' Dybala and Cuadrado work a corner short, but the eventual cross worked from a different angle fails to find a team-mate, as Bentancur’s cross meets the head of Walace.
7' Pereyra tees up Stryer Larsen from just outside the penalty area after a charging run down the left, but the eventual effort hit with the laces, sails wide of the post.
5' Molina fires a weak cross into the penalty area after some positive work from Pereyra, but it’s a disappointing delivery that’s cleared quickly by the outstretched leg of Bentancur.
3' Draws earlier for Napoli and Atalanta have left the door ajar for Juventus to jump into a three-way tie for second with the aforementioned Atalanta and Milan - but only if they can manage three points at a rainy and wind-swept Dacia Arena.
1' Juventus get the match underway from the kick-off! 
A change in formation sees three alterations from the Juventus XI that drew 1-1 with Fiorentina. A back four sees Chiellini dropped for Danilo, who slides over to right-back, while McKennie and Bernardeschi are in for Rabiot and Ramsey respectively in midfield.
Udinese make just one change from their 4-2 win over Benevento last time out, with Scuffet replacing the suspended Juan Musso between the posts. 
JUVENTUS SUBS: Alvaro Morata, Giorgio Chiellini, Gianluigi Buffon, Arthur, Dejan Kulusevski, Adrien Rabiot, Radu Dragusin. Aaron Ramsey, Giacomo Vrioni, Felix Correia, Carlo Pinsoglio.
JUVENTUS XI (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Alex Sandro, Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs De Ligt, Danilo; Federico Bernardeschi, Weston McKennie, Rodrigo Bentancur, Juan Cuadrado; Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala.
UDINESE SUBS: Edoardo Piana, Jean-Victor Makengo, Fernando Forestieri, Petar Micin, Samir, Manuel Gasparini, Thomas Ouwejan, Sebastien De Maio, Martin Palumbo, Fernando Llorente, Marvin Zeegelaar.
UDINESE XI (3-5-1-1): Simone Scuffet; Kevin Bonifazi, Bram Nuytinck, Rodrigo Becao; Jens Stryger Larsen, Tolgay Arslan, Walace, Rodrigo De Paul, Nahuel Molina; Roberto Pereyra; Stefano Okaka.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let's see how the two sides will be lining up - starting with our hosts! 
With Atalanta and Napoli managing draws earlier today, and Milan’s win yesterday against Benevento - all the pressure is on Juventus, who find themselves in fifth place at kick-off. After a run of nine straight titles the Bianconeri must now fight for their spot in the Champions League, one point back of nearest Napoli. With crucial fixtures against Milan and Inter still to come, Andrea Pirlo’s side cannot afford to drop any more results after a disappointing 1-1 draw with Fiorentina last week.
Comfortably midtable with five matches to go, Udinese find themselves eight points clear of relegation as they look to string together a good run of results to end the season. An entertaining 4-2 win over Benevento made it two wins in three for the Friulani, after three consecutive defeats.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the Serie A fixture between Udinese and Juventus!