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Croatia v Czech Republic Live Commentary, 19/06/2021

1 - 1
I. Perišić (47)
P. Schick (37 pen)
Hampden Park


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The Czech Republic stay top of Group D on four points for now, with England and Scotland playing later on. They finish the group stages with a trip to Wembley to face England. Croatia have their first point on the board and face Scotland in their final group game.
The points are shared after a 1-1 draw between Croatia and the Czech Republic. Schick gave the Czech Republic the lead from the spot just before half-time after VAR awarded a penalty when Lovren caught the forward with his elbow during an aerial challenge. Croatia made a bright start to the second half, taking a free-kick quickly which Perisic fired in from the left of the box. Neither side created much of note after that and they couldn't find a winner.
A. Hložek
Yellow Card
Czech Republic
90' + 3' Hlozek is a little bit late as he steps across Petkovic and catches the substitute, so he's shown a yellow card.
90' + 1' The Czech Republic are in no hurry to move upfield when they win the ball back at the moment and they're happy to knock it around in midfield. Barak turns away from Modric but there's no one making a forward run into the box.
89' BLOCK! Petkovic is picked out on the edge of the six-yard box and he does well initially to turn away from Kalas to get a shot away. The defender throws himself in front of it though and makes an important block to send it out for a corner.
M. Brozović
M. Kovačić
87' Croatia are making another change as well now as Brozovic is brought on in place of Kovacic.
A. Barák
V. Darida
Czech Republic
87' The final change for the Czech Republic sees Darida make way for Barak.
86' Ivanusec skips away from Kalas' challenge on the edge of the box and the space opens up for a shot but he chooses to square it to Perisic instead. He shows too much of it to Coufal though and can't keep hold of it.
84' Gvardiol cheaply gives the ball away to Krmencik and he drives down the right from the halfway line. Kovacic tracks back but can't stop him from curling a cross into the box, but there's no one in the middle to get on the end of it.
J. Bořil
Yellow Card
Czech Republic
82' Boril steps across Petkovic to stop his run and earns himself a booking.
80' Perisic makes another good run down the left before laying it off for Gvardiol, who is making the overlapping run. He pulls a cross back from the byline, but it's straight into Vaclik's gloves.
78' Only Davor Suker (45) and Mario Mandzukic (33) have more goals for Croatia than Perisic (29), who is now joint-third on the all-time list alongside Eduardo.
76' CHANCE! Krmencik chips a floated cross towards the penalty spot from the right which is just behind Soucek, but it does fall nicely for Hlozek behind him. He goes for the volley but sends his shot sailing high over the crossbar.
M. Krmenčík
P. Schick
Czech Republic
75' The goal scorer, Schick, is also going off, with Krmencik on for him.
P. Ševčík
J. Jankto
Czech Republic
74' Another double change for the Czech Republic now as Jankto is taken off, with Sevcik on for him.
73' GREAT CHANCE! It's another good run from Gvardiol down the left and his cross is nodded down for Vlasic on the penalty spot by Perisic. The substitute turns before hitting a shot at goal but fires it just over the crossbar from close range.
71' Gvardiol is finding a lot of space down the left and Coufal just can't get close to him at the moment. He has three to aim for in the middle and curls a low cross into the box, but it's well blocked by Kalas.
69' It's the Czech Republic's turn to break on the counter this time and Coufal slides it through to Soucek ahead of him on the right. Croatia get back quickly though and he can't get out of the corner away from Gvardiol.
67' It's patient play from Croatia as they keep the Czech Republic penned back in their own half and Kovacic slides the ball through to Petkovic on the left. He cuts inside, but it's a good challenge from Celutska to stop his run.
65' Croatia lose the ball near their own box again and Kral has a chance to punish them for it. He takes too long to decide what he wants to do which gives Modric the chance to slide in and put it out for a corner.
A. Král
T. Holeš
Czech Republic
63' Holes is also being taken off, with Kral on in his place.
A. Hložek
L. Masopust
Czech Republic
63' The Czech Republic are making a double change now and Masopust is the first to make way for Hlozek.
N. Vlašić
A. Kramarić
62' Third change for Croatia now and it's Kramaric going off for Vlasic.
60' Masopust has switched out to the left to get on the ball more and he makes a good driving run down the wing. Vrsaljko tracks him all the way but gives away a free-kick which comes to nothing.
58' Gvardiol makes a good run down the left before laying the ball off to Kramaric. He skips away from two challenges to get to the edge of the box before firing a powerful effort on goal, but it's blocked by Celutska.
56' Croatia just can't clear the ball and Coufal has a couple of opportunities to swing crosses in from the right. His first is cleared by Lovren, but his second picks out Darida, but he can only head his effort back across goal.
54' Perisic has scored in each of his last four major international tournaments (2014 World Cup, Euro 2016, 2018 World Cup and Euro 2020), becoming the first Croatian to score in four separate such tournaments. 
52' CLOSE! Masopust squares it to Jankto on the edge of the box and he lays it off to Soucek. He drills a low shot across goal, leaving Livakovic scrambling back, but it's just wide of the far post.
L. Masopust
Yellow Card
Czech Republic
50' Masopust clatters into Gvardiol and gets nowhere near the ball so is shown a yellow card.
49' Croatia have made a great start to the second half and they're giving the Czech Republic no time on the ball when they lose possession. Masopust is trying to make something happen down the right, but he's stopped by Petkovic.
A. Kramarić
47' It was quick thinking from Kramaric as he stopped the ball when it was rolled back to him before quickly playing a throughball forward for Perisic.
I. Perišić
47' PERISIC EQUALISES! It's a quickly taken free-kick from Kramaric to Perisic and he stays onside as he drives down the left. He cuts inside, wrongfooting Coufal who falls over and he smashes his shot around Vaclik and into the far side of the net. 1-1! 
46' Modric takes a free-kick on the right short to Kramaric and he just touches it onto Kovacic. He's running onto the ball and hits it first time, but it's always rising and flies high over the bar.
46' Croatia get us back underway for the second half! 
L. Ivanušec
J. Brekalo
46' Ivanusec is also being brought on and he replaces Brekalo.
B. Petković
A. Rebić
46' Croatia are making a double change at the break and Rebic is the first to make way, with Petkovic on for him.
It took both sides a while to settle into the game, but the Czech Republic did look the more dangerous side going forward and they'll be pleased with their performance so far. Croatia have looked out of ideas at times though and haven't tested Vaclik too often, so Dalic might be considering making a change at the break.
Schick's penalty gives the Czech Republic a 1-0 lead over Croatia at half-time. The Czechs started brightly with Coufal seeing an early shot blocked before Soucek headed over from close range. VAR awarded the penalty after Lovren caught Schick in the face with his elbow when they both jumped for the ball and Schick converted it. At the other end, Perisic had the only shot on target which was drilled straight at Vaclik.
45' + 3' Modric plays a loose pass just outside his own box which Schick latches onto. Kovacic slides in, going through the back of the forward, and he gives away a free-kick in a dangerous position, but Schick fires it high over the bar.
45' + 2' Vrsaljko and Jankto crash into each other as they're both going for the ball and Jankto looks like he was winded in the challenge. The medical team are brought on to see to him, but he's back to his feet quickly.
45' Schick has scored 14 goals in 28 caps for the Czech Republic, more than any other Czech player since his debut in May 2016.
43' Croatia are still getting a lot of joy down the right and it's Perisic that drills a low cross in from the wing this time. He's looking for Rebic at the far post, but Kalas gets back quickly to make an important block.
41' Modric has dropped deep to get on the ball and he picks out Vrsaljko on the right. He's allowed to carry the ball a long way before he swings in a cross, but it's straight into Vaclik's gloves.
39' GREAT CHANCE! Croatia are looking to get an instant reply to Schick's goal and Rebic gets away from his defender on the left of the box. It's a tight angle and he tries to fire it across the goalkeeper, but he ends up slicing it wide of the near post.
P. Schick
Penalty Goal
Czech Republic
37' SCHICK SCORES! It's a confident penalty from the forward and he's in no doubt as he fires his spot-kick into the bottom-left corner. Livakovic dives the wrong way and Schick has his third goal of the tournament. 1-0 Czech Republic! 
D. Lovren
Yellow Card
35' Much to Lovren's frustration, he's shown the first yellow card of the game after catching Schick with his elbow.
35' PENALTY TO THE CZECH REPUBLIC! VAR is just having a look at the incident between Lovren and Schick to see if there should be a penalty. The referee goes over to the monitor and he's judged that it was a foul by the defender before pointing to the spot.
33' Schick has stayed down in the box for the Czech Republic after he was accidentally caught in the face by Lovren during an aerial challenge. The medical team are quickly on the pitch and he's receiving treatment now.
31' Modric tries to quicken the pace of the attack for Croatia when he spots Brekalo breaking down the left again for Croatia. He overhits the throughball though and Coufal is able to shield it out of play.
29' Rebic is still putting pressure on Vaclik every time the Czech Republic go back to their goalkeeper and he's forcing him into making quick clearances. This one is cut out by Modric, but Boril is quickly in to win it back.
27' Schick skips away from Holes' challenge in the middle of the field before knocking it out to Masopust on the right so he can get into the box. He slows the play right down though and Croatia block his way into the area.
25' It's better from Croatia now as they move it upfield with a bit more pace. Kovacic switches it out to Vrsaljko and he curls a good cross into the six-yard box with the outside of his boot. Rebic is waiting for it, but Vaclik is quickly off his line to collect it.
23' Modric takes the corner short to Kramaric for the one-two before drilling a low cross into the edge of the box for Perisic. He drills his shot through the crowd in the middle, but it's straight at Vaclik, who holds onto it.
21' Celutska plays a backpass to Vaclik and the goalkeeper has to clear his lines quickly as Rebic is closing him down. The forward blocks the kick, but much to Vaclik's relief, it bounces wide of the post.
20' Croatia break quickly, with Livakovic knocking it to Lovren before he picks out Kovacic through the middle. He has space to run into but chooses to look for Rebic. He plays the pass blind out to the left and it's miles away from the forward as Coufal collects.
18' CHANCE! Jankto fizzes a dangerous low cross in from the left and it goes all the way through to Coufal at the far post. He pulls it back for Schick in the middle, but he can't sort his feet out in time and it ends up being a comfortable save for Livakovic.
16' Gvardiol manages to thread a pass through midfield to pick out Brekalo's run. The Czech Republic have dropped deep to block off the space, so he plays a one-two with Rebic, but the return pass is cut out by Kalas.
14' The Czech Republic have never beaten Croatia (D2 L1). Their three previous meetings have produced 12 goals, an average of four per game.
12' Masopust is struggling to open up any space down the right until Coufal makes the overlapping run and he touches it out to the right-back. His cross from the byline is over Schick's head, but Jankto runs onto it at the far post and blazes an effort high over the bar.
10' Croatia win a free-kick just outside the box and Modric leaves this one for Lovren to take it. He gets his effort over the wall, but there's no dip on the shot and it doesn't trouble Vaclik as it flies high over the bar.
8' Jankto makes another driving run down the left, but it's well cut out by Vrsaljko. He does well to keep hold of the ball before curling an early throughball towards Rebic through the middle, but it's just behind him.
6' It's a poor ball out from the back by Vaclik as he chips it straight out to Perisic on the right. He takes it past Boril to swing a cross into the box, but it's too high for Kramaric and Kalas knocks it out of play.
4' Modric swings a corner into the box this time and Soucek's run to the near post isn't picked up by any of the Croatia defenders. He flicks his header on, but it's just too high and lands in the roof of the net.
2' BLOCK! The Czech Republic have started very brightly here and Jankto swings a cross into the box. Vrsaljko half-clears it, with his header falling to Coufal. He drills a first-time effort on goal, but Vida throws himself in front of it to make a block.
1' Schick gets the game underway for the Czech Republic!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away.
Croatia have never lost their second match at any of their previous 10 major tournaments (Euros and World Cup), winning six and drawing four such matches. Their second game at the last Euros was a 2-2 draw with the Czech Republic.
Jaroslav Silhavy makes just one change to his team after their win over Scotland. Holes is brought into the midfield in place of Kral, who drops to the bench.
Zlatko Dalic makes two changes to the side that started against England last time out. Lovren is back in the team after recovering from a knee injury, with Brekalo also coming in. Caleta-Car and Brozovic start on the bench.
CZECH REPUBLIC SUBS: Antonin Barak, Jakub Brabec, Matej Vydra, Michal Krmencik, Petr Sevcik, Alex Kral, Tomas Koubek, Ales Mandous, Adam Hlozek, Tomas Pekhart, Pavel Kaderabek, David Zima. 
CZECH REPUBLIC STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Tomas Vaclik; Vladimir Coufal, Ondrej Celustka, Tomas Kalas, Jan Boril; Tomas Holes, Tomas Soucek; Lukas Masopust, Vladimir Darida, Jakub Jankto; Patrik Schick.
CROATIA SUBS: Mislav Orsic, Marcelo Brozovic, Nikola Vlasic, Lovre Kalinic, Domagoj Bradaric, Milan Badelj, Duje Caleta-Car, Luka Ivanusec, Mario Pasalic, Bruno Petkovic, Josip Juranovic, Simon Sluga.
CROATIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Dominik Livakovic; Sime Vrsaljko, Dejan Lovren, Domagoj Vida, Josko Gvardiol; Luka Modric, Mateo Kovacic; Ivan Perisic, Andrej Kramaric, Josip Brekalo; Ante Rebic.
The Czech Republic got off to a great start in the group as they saw off Scotland with a 2-0 win in their opening game at the tournament. They've now won their last two matches and another victory today would see them qualify for the knockout stages. As for Croatia, they were beaten 1-0 by England in their first game, they're now winless in their last three outings, losing the last two on the bounce.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Euro 2020 Group D meeting between Croatia and Czech Republic at Hampden Park!