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Brest v PSG Live Commentary, 10/11/2019

1 - 2
S. Grandsir (72)
Á. Di María (39)
M. Icardi (85)
Stade Francis-Le Blé


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So, PSG go 10 points clear at the top of Ligue 1 with that win, but that could change before the end of the weekend. Next up for them is a visit from Lille in the league after the international break. Brest's unbeaten run at home this season comes to an end and Dall-Oglio will be hoping they can bounce back with a win when they face Nantes in two weeks time.
A late goal from Icardi seals a 2-1 win for PSG over Brest. The league leaders broke the deadlock just before half-time when Di Maria wonderfully chipped his shot over the goalkeeper and into the bottom right corner. It was originally disallowed for offside but VAR overturned the decision. Brest equalised through substitute Grandsir in the second half when he drilled his low effort under Rico and into the bottom corner. Icardi then came off the bench and after a misunderstanding in Brest's defence found the back of the net with a deflection off Larsonneur.
Y. Court
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Court is the latest player to receive a yellow card after he brings down Choupo-Moting on the edge of the box with a late challenge.
90' + 4' Di Maria is down for PSG but Brest are desperate to get a late equaliser and defend their unbeaten home record this season. They break quickly but a sloppy pass from Court gives possession back to PSG.
90' + 2' GOOD CHANCE! Yet again, PSG fail to clear their lines when Brest put a cross into the box and Charbonnier goes for goal. He takes the shot on the volley but sends it wide of the post.
A. Diallo
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Abdou Diallo receives a yellow card for a bad foul on Court.
90' Brest are asking for a penalty after Choupo-Moting caught Charbonnier in the box but the referee has a good view of the challenge and waves away the claims from the home players.
89' PSG look more comfortable after their second goal and Brest just can't get close to them as they move upfield once again. Choupo-Moting lays it off to Draxler in the box, but the midfielder's effort is just wide.
87' PSG are happy to just keep possession now following the restart as they confidently pass it between their defenders and aim to stop Brest from having another good opportunity.
M. Icardi
85' PSG ARE AHEAD AGAIN! There's a mix-up between Bain and Larsonneur and they don't clear Choupo-Moting's cross. Icardi reacts quickly though as he sends the ball into the back of the net with a slight deflection off the keeper. 2-1 PSG!
84' Di Maria does brilliantly to hold onto the ball under pressure from Belkebla on the edge of the box before playing a one-two with Icardi to get into space on the left of the box. His shot is straight at the keeper though and he makes the save.
82' Faussurier's throw-in is given straight to Court and he cuts back inside to get into a shooting position on the edge of the box. He drills his shot towards the bottom corner, but it's just wide of the post.
E. Choupo-Moting
Pablo Sarabia
80' And finally, Choupo-Moting also comes onto the field, with Sarabia making way for him.
M. Verratti
80' Verratti has just gone down with a knee problem after a challenge with Ibrahima Diallo and signalled to the bench so Marquinhos comes on to replace him.
M. Icardi
E. Cavani
80' Tuchel has decided to make a triple change now as he wants to go for the win. Cavani is the first to make way as Icardi comes on in his place.
Alexandre Mendy
I. Cardona
78' That is the end of Cardona's game as he is helped off the field by the medical team and Mendy has come on to replace him.
77' Cardona has been down a couple of times in the game today with injuries and he's gone down again off the ball. The medical team have gone across to give him some treatment, but it doesn't look like he'll be able to carry on this time.
76' Faussurier makes a great run down the right and squares his cross back to Belkbeia on the edge of the box. He takes his shot first time, but it's a comfortable save for the keeper.
J. Draxler
Yellow Card
74' Draxler picks up the first yellow card of the game after clipping the back of Cardona's heel and bringing him to ground.
Y. Court
72' Court did really well to make up the ground to get up in support of the attack and when he gets the ball, he gets his head up before squaring it to Grandsir.
S. Grandsir
72' GRANDSIR EQUALISES! He's only been on the pitch for a few minutes and he's got his side level! Nobody was picking him up on the left and he has time to take a touch before drilling his shot under Rico and into the far bottom corner. 1-1!
71' Di Maria draws the defenders to him on the edge of the box before laying the ball off to Sarabia. He's looking for Cavani with his cross again, but Bain get there ahead of him to head it clear.
69' Sarabia pulls away from his defender on the left wing and puts a good cross into the box. Cavani has made a run to the far post, but can't reach it and Larsonneur comes off his line to collect it.
67' The referee has signalled for a corner to PSG but VAR is just having a look at it as there was a possible handball by Castelletto as he put it out. His hand was tight to his side though when it hit him and there's no penalty.
S. Grandsir
M. Autret
65' Dall-Oglio makes the first change of the game and it's Autret that's making way as Grandsir comes on.
65' CAVANI COMES CLOSE! Di Maria whips a great cross into the box from a corner and Cavani rises to meet it at the near post. He flicks it on but it's just too high as it skims the top of the crossbar.
64' GOOD SAVE! Perraud picks up the loose ball on the edge of the box and takes a touch to get away from his defender before firing his shot towards the near post. Rico gets across his line quickly to push it away with both hands.
62' Brest don't clear their lines when the cross is put into the box and Cavani pulls away from his defender to poke an effort towards goal, but it's a comfortable save for Larsonneur.
60' It's well worked down the left side by PSG but the pass from Kurzawa to Di Maria was poor. The Argentinian does well to slide in and get a cross into the middle, but Brest clear their lines.
58' It's a great cross into the box from Perraud and he picks out Court at the near post. He sets himself to take the shot, but the ball seems to bounce off his standing leg and out for a goal-kick.
56' Castelletto gets the ball from his goalkeeper but takes too long to pass it onto one of his team-mates and Di Maria is quickly across to close him down and dispossess him. His touch is heavy though and, luckily for Brest, he knocks it out of play.
54' Cardona is currently down on the right after being caught late by Abdou Diallo and is receiving some treatment. He's quickly back to his feet though and it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
53' Di Maria has been involved in six goals in his last four games in Ligue 1 (three goals, three assists).
51' Brest win the ball back well on the halfway line and Belkebia's first thought is to look for Charbonnier's run towards the box. Abdou Diallo gets there first and does well to clear the danger under pressure.
49' GOOD CHANCE! Silva does really well to clear the ball with an overhead kick to stop Charbonnier from reaching it, but his clearance goes to Court. He takes a touch before hitting his shot but it's just wide of the post.
47' Brest have a free-kick early in the second half and Autret whips a cross into the box. PSG look shaky at the back again, but Silva just manages to get there to block Bain from having a shot, but the defender was offside anyway.
46' Brest get the game back underway for the second half!
Dall-Oglio will be disappointed that his side are behind at the break, but they have shown that they can cause PSG some real problems going forward. If they continue to play in the same way as the first half, then they look likely to get on the score sheet. Despite having the lead, Tuchel will be expecting more from his players. They've wasted some good opportunities and have looked shaky in defence at times, so he will want to see an improvement after the break.
Di Maria's brilliant chip gives PSG a 1-0 lead over Brest at half-time. The home side created more chances in the first half and looked dangerous going forward, but weren't able to find the back of the net. It was Di Maria that did break the deadlock after a quick break and he was one-on-one with the goalkeeper when he wonderfully chipped the ball over him and into the bottom right corner. It was originally chalked off for offside, but VAR overturned the decision as he was onside.
45' Brest are finding a lot of space in the middle of the field at the moment as they try to find an equaliser just before half-time. Cardone has the chance to put a cross into the box, but Kurzawa just gets there to intercept it.
43' The home fans are asking for a penalty after Silva makes a brilliant block to deny Autret. It had hit him on the shoulder though and the referee rightly points for a corner.
41' IT'S A GOAL! VAR is having a long look at the goal and from the replays, it does look like Di Maria had timed his run perfectly to stay onside. The check is over and the decision has been overruled!
J. Draxler
39' Draxler was being surrounded by Brest defenders when he received the ball but he did really well to turn with it and pick out Di Maria to set up the goal.
Á. Di María
39' It's a brilliant strike from Di Maria! The goalkeeper was drawn out towards him and he has the confidence to just chip the shot over the top of him and into the bottom right corner. 1-0 PSG!
39' OFFSIDE! It's a great throughball from Draxler to pick out Di Maria. He pulls away from his defender and is one-on-one with the goalkeeper when he chips his shot over Larsonneur and into the back of the net, but the flag has gone up.
37' Di Maria plays a throughball into the box and Kurzawa gets there first and stops it so Cavani can run onto it and have a shot. The forward sends it flying high over the bar, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as Kurzawa had been offside.
35' PSG don't clear their lines from a corner yet again and Brest have another chance to put the ball into the box. Perraud isn't picked up on the right and he whips a cross into the area and Rico has to push it away on his goal line.
33' The corner is poor from Di Maria but PSG manage to hold onto possession. Sarabia tries to play a throughball to Cavani, who would be in on goal, but Bain makes a good interception to clear the danger.
31' With Rico coming into the side to make his debut following Navas' injury in the warm-up, PSG have now had four different starting goalkeepers in their first 13 games of the league campaign (Areola, Bulka, Navas and Rico).
29' Sarabia pulls away from his defender on the right and does well to put a cross into the box from the byline. He's looking for Draxler at the far post, but Faussurier gets ahead of him to head it clear.
27' PSG just don't know how to deal with Brest at the minute as the home side come forward yet again. The ball falls to Perraud on the left and he tries to curl a cross into the box, but it's cleared by Silva for a corner.
25' SIDE NETTING! Yet more poor defending from PSG gives Court the chance to have a shot. He's in a lot of space on the right of the box and he's looking for the top corner, but can only fire it into the side netting.
23' GREAT CHANCE! Rico comes out of his box to clear the ball, but it's a poor kick from the keeper as Court comes away with it. He takes his shot first time as the keeper is still off his line, but luckily for Rico, it bounces just wide of the near post.
22' Brest have another free-kick down the right, in a similar position to the one earlier. Court swings it into the box again and Silva slips as he goes to clear it, leaving Cardona with a free header, but he can't get his effort on target.
21' GOOD SAVE! PSG are just starting to up the pressure now as Sarabia cuts inside and fires an effort on target from the edge of the box. Larsonneur pushes it away, but only to Draxler, but his shot is tame and it's comfortable for the keeper to deal with.
19' Sarabia puts a great cross into the box from the right and picks out an unmarked Di Maria at the far post. He brings it down well on his chest but leans back as he takes the shot and fires it over.
17' Brest are keeping the ball well at the moment after PSG's dominance in possession so far. It's patient play from the home side around the halfway line as they wait for some space to open up ahead of them.
15' GOOD SAVE! It's another quick counter-attack from Brest and it's Autret with the shot at the end of it. He's curling his effort towards the far corner, but Rico gets two hands to it to push it away.
13' GOOD CHANCE! Sarabia does well to keep the ball under pressure from the Brest defenders and pulls away from them so he can have a shot. He's at a tight angle on the right of the box and fires his effort into the side netting. 
11' Kurzawa dribbles past three Brest defenders to get into the box but takes too long to pick out a pass and gets dispossessed. The danger isn't clear yet though as it falls to Cavani, but his lay off to Draxler is blocked.
9' It's a poor clearing header from Silva as he nods it straight to Court who is running into the box from the left. He takes the shot on the volley, but can't keep it down and it sails over the crossbar.
7' Charbonnier is being closed down by two PSG defenders and he touches it onto Cardona who's overlapping him down the right. He puts a deep cross into the box, looking for Autret but Rico comes off his line to collect it. 
5' Kurzawa goes to ground but Cavani comes away with the ball and lays it off to Di Maria who decides to have a go from long range. He hits the shot well but it's always curling wide of the far post.
4' Brest have the chance to counter-attack and Perraud makes a great run into PSG's half from his own box. He tries to switch play out to Cardona on the right but just overhits the pass and sends it out of play.
2' Brest have an early free-kick on the right wing and Court whips a brilliant cross into the box. Castelletto is unmarked at the far post but takes a heavy first touch which allows Cavani to get across and clear it. 
1' Cavani gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
PSG have lost seven away games in Ligue 1 so far in 2019, their worst tally in a calendar year since 2010 (also seven). They have not lost more away games in the top-flight over a single year since 2009 (eight).
Kylian Mbappe picked up an injury in the Champions League in midweek and Navas was injured in the warm-up so Thomas Tuchel names six changes to that team. Rico now starts in goal, with Diallo, Kurzawa, Draxler, Sarabia and Cavani all come into the starting line-up, with Kimpembe, Bernat, Marquinhos and Icardi all start on the bench. 
Olivier Dall'Oglio makes six changes to his side after their loss at the weekend as he brings in Faussurier, Bain, Perraud, Cardona, Autret and Charbonnier. Mendy, Baal and Grandsir all drop to the bench.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Leandro Paredes, Presnel Kimpembe, Juan Bernat, Marquinhos, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Mauro Icardi.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sergio Rico; Colin Dagba, Thiago Silva, Abdou Diallo, Layvin Kurzawa; Idrissa Gueye, Marco Verratti, Julian Draxler; Pablo Sarabia, Edinson Cavani, Angel Di Maria.
BREST SUBS: Alexandre Mendy, Hugo Magnetti, Samuel Grandsir, Hianga'a M'Bock, Donovan Leon, Ludovic Baal, Jean-Kevin Duverne.
BREST STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Gautier Larsonneur; Julien Faussurier, Jean-Charles Castelletto, Denys Bain, Romain Perraud; Haris Belkebla, Ibrahima Diallo; Yoann Court, Mathias Autret, Irvin Cardona; Gaetan Charbonnier.
PSG suffered a shock defeat last time out in the league when they were beaten 2-1 by Dijon which ended a six-match winning streak in all competitions. They did bounce back in midweek in the Champions League though when they beat Club Brugge 1-0. Brest have lost just one of their last five games in all competitions, winning three and drawing one of the other four. Just like their opponents though, that loss came last time out in the league when they lost 1-0 to Amiens.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Brest and Paris Saint-Germain at the Stade Francis -Le Ble!