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C. Tolisso
0 - 12
B. Sarr
E. Choupo-Moting
0 - 11
E. Choupo-Moting
M. Cuisance
0 - 10
M. Cuisance
S. Gnabry
0 - 9
L. Sané
O. Richards
0 - 8

Match Stats

32% 68%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 21
Total Passes 287 612
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Bremer couldn't pull off a shock result by knocking Bayern out of the cup, but the fans and players are in good spirits after the whistle, despite the heavy defeat. They turn their attention back to the Bremenliga and Leher at the weekend. Bayern will find out who they'll face in the second round in the draw on Sunday, but before that, they face Hertha Berlin in the Bundesliga.
Bayern are comfortably through to the second round of the DFB-Pokal with a 12-0 victory over 10-man Bremer. It was 5-0 at half-time, with Choupo-Moting's hat-trick, Musiala's strike and Warm's own goal getting the job done. Just after the break, Tillman scored his first goal for the first team before Musiala added his second a minute later. Choupo-Moting got his fourth, with Sane, Cuisance, Sarr and Tolisso rounding out the scoring. Bremer had Nobile sent off with 14 minutes remaining when he pulled back Tillman to deny a goal-scoring opportunity.
90' It's a sloppy foul from Kaiser just outside the box and Bayern have another opportunity to fire on goal. Gnabry steps up to take it, but once again, the wall does its job by making the block.
C. Tolisso
88' TOLISSO SCORES! It's too easy for the visitors now and Gnabry's driving run ends with a drilled cross into the six-yard box. Bahr gets a leg to it, but he can't stop it from getting through to Tolisso. He fires it past Waki and into the back of the net. 12-0 Bayern! 
E. Choupo-Moting
86' Four goals and now two assists for Choupo-Moting, as he unselfishly set up Sarr instead of going for goal himself despite being in a good position.
B. Sarr
86' SARR SCORES! Bremer's 10 men just can't cope with the pressure and Sarr makes it 11-0! He pushed forward through the middle and made the overlapping run around Choupo-Moting. The forward laid it off to him and he slotted his effort past Bahr.
T. Nianzou
Yellow Card
84' Nianzou is shown the first yellow card of the game after he goes over the top of the ball and catches Muszong with his studs.
M. Cuisance
82' Just two minutes after his goal, Cuisance also gets an assist as he taps the ball into Choupo-Moting's feet.
E. Choupo-Moting
82' CHOUPO-MOTING AGAIN! He has a fourth and Bayern have hit 10! The forward gets in between the defenders and turns before hitting a low shot across goal from the right of the box. Bahr can't get down in time and it nestles into the bottom corner. 
S. Gnabry
80' Gnabry has caused all sorts of problems since coming on and got in behind Bremer again to pull a cross back to Cuisance from the byline for the goal.
M. Cuisance
80' CUISANCE SCORES! The Bremer defenders rush back towards their goal, leaving Cuisance unmarked just outside the six-yard box. He hits the shot first time when Gnabry picks him out and slots the ball through the keeper's legs into the back of the net. 9-0 Bayern!
78' Cuisance steps up to take the free-kick that Tillman won just outside the box and he's trying to curl it towards the near top corner. The wall does its job though and gets it out for a corner, which comes to nothing.
U. Nobile
Red Card
76' RED CARD! Tillman was running through on goal and Nobile had both hands on his shirt, dragging him back to stop him from getting to the ball. He wasn't the last defender, but he was stopping a clear goalscoring opportunity, so he's shown a straight red card and Bremer will have to finish the game with 10 men!
74' Gnabry has been getting a lot of joy down the right since coming on, and he pulls away from two defenders to curl in a cross this time. Choupo-Moting heads it down, but it's behind Tillman and Nobile hooks it away.
72' Bremer are starting to look tired now and they're slow to get out of their own box when they do clear their lines. Gnabry comes down the right again, but he can't pick out Choupo-Moting with a cross this time.
D. Kunkel
S. Kurkiewicz
70' Kurkiewicz is the other player being taken off, with Kunkel on for him.
O. Bahr
M. Seemann
70' There's a double change for Bremer now as well, and there's going to be a change in goalkeeper. Seemann goes off and 19-year-old Bahr comes on to replace him.
T. Booth
L. Sané
68' Final change for Bayern now and it's Sane that's going off, with Booth on in his place.
67' OFFSIDE! Choupo-Moting has the ball in the back of the net for the fourth time, but this one won't count. Gnabry threads a good throughball between the defenders to pick out the forward and he coolly slotted it into the bottom corner, but he was in an offside position and the flag went straight up.
O. Richards
65' Richards was hovering on the box and stayed in front of Muszong to head it down for Sane.
L. Sané
65' SANE SCORES! Sarr's initial cross is headed away by Waki, but it comes back to Omar Richards on the edge of the box and he cushions it down for Sane. He takes a touch before firing his low shot across goal and it bounces over the line off the inside of the far post. 8-0 Bayern! 
64' Gnabry actually does really well to keep the ball in play at the byline and he pulls it back for Choupo-Moting at the near post. He tries to backheel his flick in, but between Seemann and Nobile, they manage to keep it out.
62' OFF THE BAR! Choupo-Moting is trying to add a fourth goal to his tally and he sets himself up for the shot after stepping away from Waki. He fires his shot over Seemann, but it bounces out off the top of the crossbar.
S. Gnabry
J. Musiala
61' Musiala won't have the chance to get a hat-trick today as he's taken off and replaced by Gnabry.
60' Musiala makes a good run down the right and squares the ball to Tillman, who is in a pocket of space just outside the box. He tries to curl one towards the far post but doesn't get any power on it and it's held by Seemann.
M. Matar
L. Diop
58' And Diop is the other player going off, with Matar on in his place.
A. Wazneh
S. Kmieć
58' Kmiec is also being taken off, with Wazneh on to replace him.
A. Waki
I. Olatunji
58' There's a triple change for Bremer now, with Olatunji the first to make way for Waki.
56' For the first time since 1997, Bayern scored five goals in the first half of a DFB-Pokal match.
54' SEEMANN AGAIN! Tillman's run down the right isn't picked up again as Musiala squares it out to him. He tries to catch out Seemann at his near post with a low shot, and the keeper gets fingertips to it to push it into the side netting.
52' SAVE! Bremer just can't cope with the pressure Bayern continue to pile on them and Tolisso slides a good throughball into Tillman. He has a go from just outside the box, but Seemann gets down to make the save with his legs.
50' Nianzou is complacent as he takes a poor first touch and Arnhold is there to nick it away from him. He drives through the middle before playing it out to Diop on his left. He set off too early though, and the offside flag brings the attack to an end.
E. Choupo-Moting
48' That's Choupo-Moting's second assist of the match, on top of his three goals. He got his head up and played a good square ball to pick out Musiala's run.
J. Musiala
48' MUSIALA SCORES AGAIN! The defender's interception ends up helping it through to Choupo-Moting and, just like in the first half, he sets up Musiala. His first touch takes him away from Nobile and he fires this shot into the top left corner, giving Seemann no chance. 7-0 Bayern! 
M. Tillman
47' TILLMAN SCORES! Bremer try to play out from the back and Olatunji's poor pass is intercepted by Tillman. He holds off Muszong to get in on goal and coolly slides his shot under Seemann and into the back of the net. 6-0 Bayern!
46' Bayern get us back underway for the second half!
M. Tillman
T. Müller
46' And Muller is also not coming back out for the second half, with Tillmann on in place of him.
M. Cuisance
J. Kimmich
46' Kimmich is also making way, with Cuisance on to replace him.
C. Richards
N. Süle
46' There's a triple change at the break, as Nagelsmann does rest some of his key players. Sule is the first to go off, with Chris Richards on for him.
It's unlikely, barring a miracle turnaround in the second half, that Bremer will be able to pull off a shock and make it through to the next round of the cup, but Eta will be hoping for damage limitation after the break. As for Nagelsmann, he might look to take off some of his usual starters to give them a rest with such a big cushion.
Bayern are cruising with a 5-0 lead over Bremer at half-time. Choupo-Moting had a hat-trick by the 35th minute, firing his first in off the bottom of the crossbar. His second was a simple tap-in after Bremer failed to pick him up and he nodded in a third seven minutes later. Musiala was also on the scoresheet with a low effort across goal, with Warm scoring an unfortunate own goal in his attempts to clear a shot from the forward.
45' Diop commits himself to the tackle, but Sarr calmly steps away from him to keep the attack alive for Bayern. He drills a good cross into the six-yard box, but it's in front of everyone and Bremer are able to get it clear.
43' It's risky play at the back from Seemann as he squares a pass out to Warm on the right, but Sane is quickly closing him down. The forward comes close to cutting it out, but it's just out of his reach.
41' This is a good spell for the hosts as they win a few corners and they're keeping Bayern penned back in their own box. Kaiser swings a couple of good crosses into the box, but can't pick out a team-mate and Bayern eventually get out.
39' Kaiser does brilliantly to keep the ball in play while holding off two Bayern defenders by the corner flag before he fizzes a low cross into Kmiec. He tries to help it into the middle of the box, but Nianzou blocks it and sends it out for a corner.
37' A rare opportunity for Bremer to put the ball in the box now after Diop wins a free-kick in a good position, and he's standing over it. He's trying to curl his effort into the near post, but it's blocked by the wall and nothing comes of the resulting corner.
E. Choupo-Moting
35' HAT-TRICK! Bremer just couldn't get their lines clear and Tolisso lifts a lovely cross into Muller at the far post. Again, he has space for a shot on goal, but he chooses to unselfishly cushion his header into Choupo-Moting. He flicks his header past Seemann to get his hat-trick and put Bayern 5-0 up!
34' Sane nicks the ball off Kurkiewicz and instantly turns to set Bayern on the counter. He pulls it back for Muller, who could go for goal, but instead, he tees up Kimmich. He swipes at the shot, and Bremer clear their lines.
32' Bremer are enjoying their best spell of possession until Kmiec plays a heavy throughball into Kaiser. He slides in to stop Sule from getting onto the ball but using his hand in the process and Bayern have a free-kick.
30' There's no respite for Bremer here as Bayern continue to push forward and they win a corner which Kimmich swings into the box. Muller is going for it at the near post, but Arnhold gets there just ahead of him to flick it away.
L. Sané
28' Sane almost loses the ball when he runs into Muller, but he does well to keep hold of it and pick out Choupo-Moting.
E. Choupo-Moting
28' CHOUPO-MOTING SCORES AGAIN! Bremer's defence are all over the place and Bayern overload them with three forwards against two. The defenders and keeper rush out to Sane and he squares it to Choupo-Moting, who is free in the middle, and he's left with a simple tap-in. 4-0 Bayern! 
J. Warm
Own Goal
27' OWN GOAL! It's almost a perfect recreation of Musiala's first goal, with Choupo-Moting feeding him in down the right of the box. He gets goalside of Nobile again and from a tight angle, slots his shot past Seemann. Warm tries to stop it from going in, but ends up helping it over the line instead. 3-0 Bayern!
26' CLOSE! Kimmich and Musiala link up nicely down the right, with the midfielder playing him in behind with another good throughball. Olatunji slides in to stop it from reaching him, but hits the ball against the forward and gets lucky as it bounces wide.
25' Olatunji plays a great ball over the top of the Bayern defenders and Diop times his run perfectly to stay onside. He chests the ball down and tries to go for the spectacular with an overhead kick, but with Sule tight to him, he can't get the shot on target.
24' Bayern win the ball back high up the field again and Musiala squares it to Sane, who is in space through the middle. He decides to have a go from range, but he leans back as he hits the shot and it's always rising high over the crossbar.
22' Richards puts a cross into the box from deep on the left and he has three to aim for in the box. Choupo-Moting is closest to it, but Seemann rushes off his line and gets a lot of distance on his punch.
20' Bremer have all of their players back in and around their own penalty area and they're closing down the space ahead of Bayern to stop them from getting in on goal. Muszong intercepts a pass and tries to break on the counter, but is quickly stopped by Nianzou.
18' Bremer are starting to push more players upfield now as they try to find a way back into this game, but they can't find a way past Bayern. Diop is trying to make something happen down the left, but he runs straight into Sarr and loses out.
E. Choupo-Moting
16' Choupo-Moting got the right side of Muszong in the box to help Musiala with the one-two and set up the goal.
J. Musiala
16' MUSIALA SCORES! It's a lovely bit of play from Bayern, and they're 2-0 up! Kimmich threads it through for Musiala and he plays a one-two with Choupo-Moting to get away from Warm. Seemann rushes off his line, but he keeps his cool and slots his effort past him and into the far bottom corner from the right of the box.
14' Bremer just can't cope with Bayern's pressure and they're being penned back in their own box. There's a mix-up between Kmiec and Nobile which Musiala pounces on, but a heavy first touch gives Seemann the chance to clear his lines.
12' GOOD SAVE! Tolisso lifts the ball over the top for Choupo-Moting and he brings it down well before drilling a low shot on goal. Seemann makes the block with his legs, but Olatunji doesn't clear the danger. Bayern come again, but Sane fires his attempt high into the stands.
10' It's a sloppy pass out from Kmiec and he gifts the ball straight to Kimmich. He threads it through for Muller, but the forward just can't get there in time and Nobile gets across to put it out for a corner.
E. Choupo-Moting
8' CHOUPO-MOTING SCORES! Bayern win the ball back quickly again and it's played quickly over the top to Sane. He pulls it back for Choupo-Moting, who stretches to bring it under control. He has to turn before firing his shot over Seemann's outstretched hand and it's in off the bottom of the crossbar. 1-0 Bayern! 
7' OFF THE LINE! Bayern seem to just drift past Bremer as they push forward again and Sane makes a good run down the left. He picks out Musiala on the right of the box and he goes for goal. He's beaten Seemann, but Nobile is behind him to clear it off the goal line.
6' Diop drives forward down the left and none of the Bayern players get across to close him down. So, he cuts inside into a pocket of space just outside the box where he has a shot, but it's a comfortable one for Ulreich.
4' Musiala pulls away from Kmiec with some clever footwork down the right before squaring it to Kimmich. He has his back to goal, so lays it off to Tolisso, but his low shot is straight at Seemann down the middle.
2' Bayern are enjoying a good spell of possession now they've won the ball back and they're patiently working their way upfield. Sarr touches it infield to Muller, who tries to set Musiala away, but Kmiec steps across to intercept it.
1' Arnhold gets the game underway for Bremer! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Bayern have only ever been knocked out in the first round of the DFB-Pokal twice before - the most recent team to eliminate them in the first round was TSV Vestenbergsgreuth in 1994-95 when they beat them 1-0.
Julian Nagelsmann makes seven changes to his team after their win over Cologne last time out but still names a strong side. Only Sule, Kimmich, Sane and Muller retain their places from the weekend, and the likes of Gnabry, Davies and Upamecano are amongst the substitutes.
Benjamin Eta makes just two changes to the side that beat Blumenthaler at the weekend and he brings Olatunji and Garcia into the starting line-up. Waki and Orlick drop to the bench.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Josip Stanisic, Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, Serge Gnabry, Alphonso Davies, Chris Richards, Taylor Booth, Dayot Upamecano, Malik Tillman, Michael Cuisance.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Sven Ulrich; Bouna Sarr, Niklas Sule, Tanguy Nianzou, Omar Richards; Joshua Kimmich, Corentin Tolisso; Leroy Sane, Thomas Muller, Jamal Musiala; Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting.
BREMER SUBS: Ole Bahr, Daniel Kunkel, Mahdi Matar, Atsushi Waki, Ali Wazneh, Amidou Jindo, Fabio Orlick, Benjamin Duell, Mucahit Ozkul.
BREMER STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Malte Seeman; Jan-Luca Warm, Ugo Nobile, Ikrami Olatunji, Sebastian Kmiec; Lukas Muszong, Mats Kaiser; Lamione Diop, Alexander Arnhold, Sebastian Kurkiewicz; Oscar Garcia.
It's been nearly three weeks since this tie was originally supposed to take place, after a coronavirus outbreak at Bremer meant it had to postponed. Bayern are looking to start a cup run that would end in their 21st title in the competition, and make up for their second-round exit last year to Holstein Kiel. Bremer are looking to pull off one of the famous shocks in the competition's history by knocking out the reigning Bundesliga champions, but they've only ever made it past the first round once in their nine appearances in the tournament. 
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the DFB-Pokal first-round meeting between Bremer and Bayern Munich at the Wohninvest Weserstadion!