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Georgina Rodriguez Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez?

Manchester United
5:00 PM GMT+8
Footy Scran GFX

£18 burgers and cheesy chips: The best and worst football food

Food and Drink
4:00 PM GMT+8
Cristiano Ronaldo celebration 2021

Explained: Why fans shout Ronaldo's 'Siiu' at the Australian Open

Cristiano Ronaldo
2:59 AM GMT+8
Zhang Xizhe, China

China issues tattoo ban for footballers

China PR
6:52 PM GMT+8
Viking defender goalkeeper fight screengrab

Watch: Defender sent off for attacking his own keeper

4:45 AM GMT+8
David Ginola 2021

What is David Ginola's net worth?

Premier League
3:27 AM GMT+8
Ryan Reynolds Rob McElhenney Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney aiming for Premier League

4:00 PM GMT+8
Rob McElhenney Ryan Reynolds Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney & Wrexham: All you need to know

3:00 PM GMT+8
Olimpico do Montijo Vitoria Setubal B

Shots fired in Portugal during post-match fight

10:35 PM GMT+8
Gerard Pique Balloon World Cup

Barca star Pique behind bizarre Balloon World Cup

8:18 PM GMT+8
Ronaldo, CR7 brand split

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is called 'CR7'

Cristiano Ronaldo
5:45 PM GMT+8
Jorge Mendes 2015

Who are the best-paid football agents in the world?

Manchester United
6:00 AM GMT+8
William Ribeiro Sao Paulo RS 2021-22

Brazilian footballer arrested after violent assault on referee

6:33 PM GMT+8
Camp Nou Wembley

Wembley, Camp Nou & the biggest stadiums in the world

Premier League
12:52 AM GMT+8
Doping control

How often are footballers drug tested?

3:59 AM GMT+8
Kenny Dalglish Buckingham Palace 2018

UK football figures who have been knighted & received OBEs

Premier League
7:08 PM GMT+8
Alisson Alexis Sanchez footballers with musical talents

Alisson, Sanchez & footballers with musical talents

Real Madrid
1:00 AM GMT+8
Cristiano Ronaldo Patrice Evra

Why did Ronaldo move house? Man Utd star's change explained

Cristiano Ronaldo
5:37 PM GMT+8
Henri Lansbury 2020-21

WATCH: Lansbury escapes red card for brutal kick

Luton Town
2:20 AM GMT+8
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United celebration 2021-22

What does Ronaldo’s 'siiiiii' celebration mean?

Cristiano Ronaldo
12:00 AM GMT+8
Ajax Bob Marley third kit 2021

Ajax's Three Little Birds kit changed by UEFA

9:43 PM GMT+8
Ben Kingsley 2021

What team does Ben Kingsley support?

5:23 AM GMT+8
Santiago Munoz Santos Laguna 2021

Newcastle sign Munoz in striking similarity to film 'Goal!'

12:00 AM GMT+8
Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich 2021

Bayern stuck in Bremen thanks to WWII bomb

Bayern München
10:01 PM GMT+8
Jurgen Klopp Liverpol 2021-22

Why is Klopp no longer wearing glasses?

12:45 AM GMT+8
Manchester City coffee

Manchester City introduce 'edible coffee cups'

Manchester City
4:02 PM GMT+8
Giorgio Chiellini Bukayo Saka Euro 2020

What is the 'Kiricocho' curse? Meaning & footballers who have used it

4:00 PM GMT+8
Kanye West

Which soccer team does Kanye West support?

Atlanta United
5:09 AM GMT+8
Kotoko vs Inter Allies

Ghanaian player admits to scoring own goals to beat match-fixing plot

Premier League
1:22 AM GMT+8
World in Motion John Barnes

World in Motion: Classic England song lyrics & John Barnes rap

5:30 PM GMT+8