Why are Barcelona wearing yellow Senyera kit vs Real Madrid in El Clasico?

R.Madrid vs. Barcelona

Sunday's Clasico is being played in rather unfamiliar tones, as both Real Madrid and Barcelona swapped their traditional colours for new shades in the showpiece fixture.

Madrid took to the field in black, while Barca opted for a yellow shirt also sporting the famous Senyera, a symbol of the Catalunya region.

But what does the Senyera mean to Barcelona, and why have they changed their kit for this match? GOAL takes a look...

Why are Barcelona wearing yellow Senyera kit vs Real Madrid?

According to club insiders, president Joan Laporta is responsible for the shirt change, as he wished for Barca to take the field in the traditional colours of Catalunya.

It is a progression from last year's Clasico in the Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano, where the club came out in a shirt sporting their traditional blue and red but with the flag's red lines also running down it, and which was also used in a game against Atletico Madrid.

What is the Senyera?

The Senyera is one of the oldest flags in Europe still to be used today, and is believed to date back to around the end of the first millennium.

According to legend, its origin begins with the death of Guifre el Pilos (Wilfred the Hairy), Count of Barcelona, who was killed in a battle between French and Norman forces in 897.

On his deathbed, the French emperor Louis dipped four fingers in Guifre's blood and traced four lines across his copper shield, creating Catalunya's flag and coat arms in tribute to the late count's aid in the battle.

While that story may be apocryphal, the senyera was definitely in use by the 11th and 12th centuries and has become synonymous with the Catalan nationalist movement, and the flag can regularly be spotted at Camp Nou in the hands of the Barca faithful.

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Why are Madrid wearing black?

Madrid's own kit change, meanwhile, is also a nod to history.

The black shirt is a symbol of celebration for the club founded in March 1902, marking the capital club's 120th birthday anniversary, as well as Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto’s partnership with Adidas. 

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