'Wenger stays, Alexis may go, Ozil must improve' - Henry offers his take on Arsenal sagas

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The Gunners legend believes stability will be sought in the dugout, but admits two key playmakers are facing an important summer at the Emirates

Thierry Henry expects Arsene Wenger to stay on at Arsenal but admits Alexis Sanchez could leave and that Mesut Ozil must be more consistent.

The Gunners have seen three leading figures at Emirates Stadium caught up in season-long sagas throughout the 2016-17 campaign.

Wenger rejected 'every club' to stay put

Wenger’s future is yet to be determined, as his contract runs down, while exit talk has been sparked around Sanchez and Ozil as they prepare to enter the final 12 months of their current deals.

Henry believes stability will be sought in the dugout, despite Arsenal missing out on Champions League qualification and their manager facing regular protests against his reign.

The club’s all-time leading goalscorer told Sky Sports : “For me, it is a tricky one. People are talking about the future of Arsenal and someone asked me if Arsene was going to be there next season. I said ‘yes’ because I would like to think if he wasn't going to be there and he knew about it, he would have said so people could give him a proper goodbye. That's why I think he is going to stay.

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“Where you go from that now is who's going to stay, who is going to come and we still don't know if he is staying. I think he will but it hasn't been said properly.

“I think at one point, the board could have come out and clarified the situation properly with Arsene and other players, that would have been a bit more helpful in terms of what the fans were thinking. We would have had an idea of what was happening but it is very much like Arsenal to not say what is happening right up until they make a decision. I'm sure we won't hear about it right up until the final of the FA Cup.”

Wenger hints at another quiet window

On 29-goal forward Sanchez, who has been linked with moves to Germany, France and China, Henry added: “I hope he is going to stay but he wants to win the Champions League. He wants to be at a club that is going to be competing at least and it hasn't happened recently at Arsenal. Who knows what is going to happen with him. Is he going to listen to other teams who are going to come and get him? He is 28 or 29 soon so he knows that the clock is ticking.

“I'm sure he wants to be successful with Arsenal but if he sees it is not going to happen like this year and next year, there will be no Champions League so he has to wait another year and then there are no guarantees you will make it the year after so let's see what is going to happen this summer but it is vital to keep him.”

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Finally, the Arsenal icon has called on World Cup winner Ozil to add greater consistency to his game, rather than produce match-altering performances on a sporadic basis throughout any given season.

He said: “When Mesut Ozil is on tune and at the top of his game, there is no one like him in terms of vision and how he pauses the game. He plays the right ball at the right time, but you would argue that he doesn't do that every weekend. I don't know why but that is what he is going to have to do.

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“He had a similar period last year where he was assisting everybody, he was having an amazing run, and then he didn't finish the season well. This year, people were having a go at him in terms of consistency and I think that's what we talk about when discussing him.

“We all know he has the quality of one of the best ever in that position but sometimes the consistency doesn't match the quality of the man.”