This must stop, Polo cautions Kwesi Appiah

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The ex-Black Stars playmaker is unhappy with the ever changing faces of the current set-up

Former Ghana international Mohammed Polo believes the time is right for Black Stars coach James Kwesi Appiah to settle on a core team.

In his bid to increase competition and the talent pool of the Black Stars, Appiah's call-ups have each featured a considerable number of new faces since taking over as Ghana boss in May.

His 'bulk invites', as has been described, have not gone down well with many, and Polo is just his latest critic.

“Trying and testing of players must stop," Polo told Football Made in Ghana.

"Kwesi Appiah has given almost everybody the opportunity to showcase what he can do and he should know the players to work with by now.

“He has played about six matches all with different kinds of players, saying he is trying them. 

"I think it is time for him to build the team itself and prepare them, focusing on what they want to achieve.

“His immediate major duty is the 2019 Afcon qualifiers and he must get a formidable team to make sure we qualify and win the trophy.

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“If Kwesi wants to do well, then he should start playing high profile friendlies with the players he has settled on because if he fails to win the 2019 Afcon, Ghanaians will not forgive him at all.”

The next Ghana selection will be unveiled in March next year as the  Black Stars, who drew 1-1 with Egypt in a 2018 World Cup qualifier on Sunday, do not return to action until then, when they face Kenya in the 2019 Afcon qualifying.