Festival of Football's Singapore Sports Museum allows football fans to take a trip down memory lane

Revisit football's rich history with the Singapore Sports Museum

Singapore’s biggest celebration of the beautiful game; the Festival of Football is truly an ultimate footballing spectacle that must not be missed. With a whole host of activities lined-up it provides the perfect opportunity for football and even non-footballing fans to revel in the camaraderie that emits from the beautiful game.

An interesting feature I discovered sandwiched in between the myriad of activities that the event was host to, was the Singapore Sports Museum. Indeed entering this museum felt like you were entering and being a part of the game’s glorious and rich history. After all, this is the only museum in Singapore to house the Adidas official match balls from 1930 to 2018. Moreover you can also view the latest FIFA World Cup Official Match ball, now a permanent display at the Singapore Sports Museum.

world cup ball

world cup

As I made my way around the museum, a wave of nostalgia began to creep in as I scanned through local football’s paraphernalia, which was now neatly arranged behind a glass panel for the viewing pleasure of people. Singaporeans however will feel more impacted by such items as it reminds us of the glorious days of the Malaysia Cup, where Fandi Ahmad and co imbued us with pride and nationalistic fervour.

Posters, magazines and tickets from the Malaysian Cup heydays were all on display in rich vein as remnants of the past. Continuing my tour I spotted a few obsolete equipments which were used at the former National Stadium. It struck me there how time and tide waits for no man and I believe this applies to football too. Especially, given the dire circumstances of Singapore’s football scene at the moment.  Furthermore, it prompted some thinking in me; whether it was the right thing to demolish the old National Stadium as it is after all associated with sweet footballing memories.

football museum


old equipment national stadia

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Indeed visiting the Singapore Sports Museum is like taking a trip down memory lane. On an important note it puts a smile on one’s face as we are able to recapture the memories that are dear to us Singaporeans. After all these are memories which we must never forget as in times of footballing despair we have the past to give us hope for the future.