Ranjit Bajaj requests FIFA to confirm legitimacy of letter to Minerva Punjab

I-League clubs association
Alleging that the said letter has not been received by Minerva Punjab, the director of the club has sent a formal reply to FIFA

FIFA had, on Tuesday, addressed a letter to Minerva Punjab through which the world governing body has requested I-League clubs to cooperate with the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

However, the club's director, Ranjit Bajaj, has categorically denied that the letter has been officially received but through other sources. Although he did write back to FIFA in which he termed the AIFF as "a puppet" of its commercial partners, Football Sports Development Ltd. (FSDL).

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In response to FIFA's letter, Bajaj once again pleaded for an intervention in the matter failing which the I-League clubs will be forced to take the legal route.

"If you (FIFA) do not intervene in the situation, the I-League clubs will have to approach the Indian courts for any legal recourse available to us and shall also consider moving to the CAS for relief," the letter stated.

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GFX Ranjit Bajaj reply to FIFA

Bajaj has stressed on the non-negotiable entry fee of USD 3 million per year over sporting merit just to be able to participate in the top division while advocating the need for promotion and relegation.

He also labelled the AIFF as "a powerless body slave to its commercial partner" who have "chosen the well being of newly formed franchisees (clubs participating in the Indian Super League) over the survival of the organically formed clubs of I-League which have a rich history and legacy behind them" in his four-point reply to FIFA.