Moise Kean must leave Turin for his and Italy's benefit

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Kean's development will stall should he not move away from Juventus

Its’s been reported that Juventus’ Moise Kean may seek a move abroad in order to get more playing time.

Now anyone who has followed Kean’s career will know that he is a talented forward tipped for stardom. Many would compare to him to Italy’s prodigal son Mario Balotelli, though it is obvious that Kean displays much more maturity than Balotelli ever did.

However for the youngster to truly shine he must make the decision of leaving Turin. The Bianconeri is now currently stacked with quality forwards and there is no way Kean will get any playing time. Going abroad will not only benefit his development but also Italy’s.

The Azzurri are currently lacking a quality forward and the answer is not Ciro Immobile. Here is where Kean can stake a claim in the Italian national team set-up and establish himself. Adding to Kean’s advantage is Roberto Mancini’s willingness to believe in youth in order to rejuvenate the Azzurri.

That willingness can be seen in the likes of Sandro Tonali and Federico Chiesa being called up. These players represent the future of Italy and so do Kean. In November 2016, he became the first player born in the 2000s to make an appearance in one of Europe's five major leagues, as well as in the UEFA Champions League.

It’s not every day such a talent comes along and sets a new record. Kean can continue this trend should he leave Turin.