Mohun Bagan: Srinjoy Bose involved in scuffle, protests disrespect shown to Tutu Bose

Saturday marked a black day in Mohun Bagan's history as unruly scenes dominated the club's annual general meeting...

Assistant general secretary of Mohun Bagan Srinjoy Bose was involved in a scuffle with Chinmoy Chatterjee during the annual general meeting of Mohun Bagan held at the club premises on Saturday afternoon.

The management had arranged for tight security to prevent unauthorised entry during the meeting. But trouble began when club president Swapan Sadhan Bose, alias Tutu Bose, found that he had not been allotted a chair on the dais in spite of him being the president of the club.

Minutes later when Bose was offered a chair on the stage, Chinmoy Chatterjee, a close aide of current football secretary Swapan Chatterjee, made disrespectful comments towards Bose and argued that since Bose has submitted his resignation a year ago he does not have the authority to take a place on the stage. 

Srinjoy Bose, son of Tutu Bose, took the matter into his own hands and attacked Chatterjee who retaliated with equal gusto. Soon the supporters of the two camps were engaged in a fist-fight on stage which quickly came to an end upon the intervention of Tutu Bose and general secretary Anjan Mitra. 

Srinjoy Bose's camp remained adamant that until Mitra accepts Tutu Bose as the president they would not allow the meeting to start. At the same time, Mitra remained firm in his decision that he would not declare Tutu Bose as the president. He even stated that Tutu Bose is the president subject to the approval of the executive committee. 

Almost two hours had passed and the two sides were reluctant to retract their demands. Srinjoy Bose then produced a bank statement where it mentioned Swapan Sadhan Bose as the club president undersigned by four vice-presidents and the general secretary himself. 

Srinjoy Bose

After cajoling by Swapan Banerjee, former footballer Prasun Banerjee and Satyajit Chatterjee, Mitra finally accepted Tutu Bose as the president and the meeting was presided by Bose thereafter.

Both parties unanimously accepted that Mohun Bagan would be converted to a public limited company within 2019-20. The shares of the club will be distributed first among sponsors and the rest would be made available for members to subscribe. 

But both camps remained silent about the upcoming elections. When Tutu Bose was questioned about the tentative date for elections he said," The executive committee will decide. We want a supervisor from the court to look after the elections."

Bose confirmed that East Bengal would participate in the Indian Super League (ISL) this season and it is high time that all stakeholders of Bagan put in their cumulative efforts so that the club can also join the IMG-R-owned league.