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Emiliano Sala: Grief grips family & friends over missing plane

The Argentine striker and a pilot are feared dead after their plane went missing over the English Channel

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Emiliano Sala

Blog wrapping for the day


That concludes our blog coverage for day two of the search for Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson.

Sadly, hope is fading that either man will be found alive. Goal will keep you updated on this story as it develops further. 

Plane failed to take off four times - report


The Sun are reporting that Sala's plane failed to take off from Nantes four times before succesfully departing on Monday night. 

The Piper PA-46 Malibu aircraft later disappeared over the English Channel while en route to Cardiff. 


Emery on Sala: 'It's terrible'


Arsenal boss Unai Emery, who faced Sala while he was PSG's manager, spoke out on the striker's disappearance at his press conference on Wednesday. 

"The first reaction is that it’s terrible. It's terrible," Emery said. "We are with his family and with also the supporters of Nantes and from Cardiff.

"If we have a small chance to find him alive, we are waiting for that news. But it's terrible to know of this accident."

Sala spokesperson: 'The search must continue'


Martín Molteni, a friend of Sala, spoke to the media on behalf of the family in Sala's hometown of Progreso on Wednesday.

"We only have the information being released by the official media," Molteni said.

"The search continues. We're in constant communication with the Argentine embassy in France, the provincial government and Emiliano's agent.

"We want to ask emphatically: The search must continue until the last consequence, and the necessary means have to be instrumented to make it so.

"All the efforts are in finding the plane. Then, an investigation must be done. Romina, Emiliano's sister, travelled to England with her partner and a companion. She had official help to facilitate her entrance to the UK."

Asked about the leaked audio sent by Sala to his friends, Molteni said: "That was private, it shouldn't have leaked. We're sorry that something like that happened."

Search to be suspended again


Guernsey Police have announced that after another daylong search, no trace of the missing plane has been found. 

With daylight fading, the search will again be suspended. The police will make another decision tomorrow whether they will recommence the search. 

Pilot of missing plane identified


Guernsey Police have confirmed the pilot of the missing aircraft is David Ibbotson.

The Grimsby Telegraph have reported that Ibbotson is from Northern Lincolnshire in England's north east, and was hired by Sala's representatives to fly the player to Cardiff after he said his farewells to his former team-mates in Nantes. 

Nantes to hold open training on Thursday


Sala's former club Nantes have announced that they will hold an open training session for up to 300 fans on Thursday. 

Fans will be able to leave notes, candles and flowers near a portrait of Sala.

'There are no words to explain what we are living' - Sala's father


Horacio Sala has spoken out about his son's disappearance, and has admitted that hope is quickly fading. 

“I don’t know what to think, hours go by and I can’t help thinking the worst," Sala told Argentine TV station Channel 3 News.

“I last spoke with him on Sunday and he was very happy to go to a bigger club he liked. There are no words to explain what we are living.

“Above all, I want him to be found alive, but hope is disappearing. If they can’t find him, it is not looking good.”

Piper Malibu's has a poor safety record, says expert


Aviation expert Alastair Rosenschein has spoken to the Sun about the Piper Malibu's safety record, which isn't great.

He said: "It's very surprising that they should ask to descend at night over water in a single engine aircraft.

"It's already a fairly risky crossing to do in a single engine aircraft, especially in winter and definitely at night. There are icing problems too.

"It's a strange thing to do though to go and fly over water with one engine at night in winter because if your engine goes you're going in the water.

"When I looked it up it has had over 160 serious crashes that's a fairly large number - 55 of them were fatal accidents.

"That's a large number for an aircraft that does not have such a large production number.

"One can't compare what we call general aviation or light aircraft flying with commercial flying which is extremely safe and accidents are very rare."

Danilo's moving message


Manchester City star Danilo posted an emotional message on Instagram regarding Sala.

Bicho ❤️


Nantes captain Valentin Rongier has let a picture say a thousand words.

US international Bedoya pays tribute


Former Nantes star Alejandro Bedoya has spoken of his emotions over the last 36 hours.

"I have shivers. Nantes is a family. It's a tragedy but I retain hope. Thinking of Emiliano and his family. All my heart is with you."

Black box unlikely to have been on the plane


It is unlikely that the plane carrying Emiliano Sala had a black box, which would have required flight data and cockpit audio.

The weight of these makes them unsuitable for light aircraft and there is no necessity for them to be carried. 

According to the Daily Mirror, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said the plane is “unlikely” to have been fitted with one.

However, legally it should have had an emergency transmitter, which is designed to help search operations like this.

Tributes at Nantes' training centre


Sea conditions hamper search


Guernsey harbourmaster Captain David Baker, who is leading the Channel Islands search, has admitted that difficult sea conditions have hampered their efforts.

"Nobody in the joint control centre, including myself, wants to give up, we are determined to find the two men alive," he said.

"Already we are seeing four and five metre waves out to the west of Alderney - which is in our search area - because of that we have been unable to put the lifeboat out to sea, so he's on standby in the harbour.

"But we will run until we lose the light again today and re-assess at that point."

Still no sign of the missing plane


Search now a recovery operation - report


Sky News is reporting that the search for the plane has moved from being a rescue to a recovery operation.

'Categorically, the plane had nothing to with us'


Cardiff: Sala's plans were not down to us

Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman says that Emiliano Sala made his own decision to travel back to Nantes via a private jet.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, he said: "I can say to you categorically that the plane had nothing to do with Cardiff City.

"We were not involved in booking the plane. In fact, we are trying to ascertain ourselves exactly what did happen. The club is looking into the matter and we want to find answers too.

"We spoke to the player and asked him if he wanted us to make arrangements for his flight which, quite frankly, would have been commercial.

"I can't tell you who arranged the flight because I don't know at this stage - but it certainly wasn't Cardiff City.'

Ranieri: He's a wonderful character


Fulham boss Claudio Ranieri was Sala's coach at Nantes and has spoken of the striker.

"I was devastated to hear the news. Emiliano is a wonderful character. He’s a fighter. The world of football will be united in wishing for some positive news. I pray for Emiliano and his family," the Italian said on Tuesday. 

'He never gives up... it's his great strength'


Jean-Louis Triaud, a former president of Bordeaux, has spoken about Sala to Sud Ouest, making clear just how much he thinks of the striker.

"He had a decent but complicated childhood," Triaud said. "Life at the start was not too tender with him, but he was successful, and by the time he signed the beautiful contract that he deserved, the fairy tale was transformed into a nightmare. He had an iron will - it's amazing to talk about it in the past - and a great mindset.

"He never complained of what he might have considered an injustice. Others would have been discouraged, he always hung on, fought, kept confidence. He never gives up, it's his great quality."

The scene in Nantes today...


The mood remains sombre.
Emiliano Sala tributes
Getty Images

Search planned until sunset


The BBC reports that the search team will continue looking until sunset then make a new plan if required.

French navy helping the search team


According to Argentine journalist Jorge Moron, who is based in Paris, the French navy is helping the search.

"A French navy aircraft, Falcon 50, has been out today from a base near Lorient to assist in the search for the aircraft. This ship is specialised in maritime surveillance and has special radars capable of performing very precise searches."

Cardiff fans pay tribute


AAIB release a statement


The UK Air Accident Investigation Branch has posted a statement about the incident.

"AAIB investigation into the loss of aircraft N26DB

"On Monday night, a US-registered Poper PA-46-310P Malibu aircraft (registration N264DB) was lost from radar north of Guernsey. The aircrat was en route from Nantes, France to Cardiff, United Kingdom, with one pilot and one passenger on board.

"In accordance with international protocols, the AAIB is investigating the loss of the aircraft. Since Tuesday morning, we have been working closely with international authorities including the US National Transporation Safety Bord, the Bureau d'Enquetes & d'Analyses (BEA) in France and the Junta de Insetigacion de Accidentes de Aviacion Civil (JIACC) in Argentina.

"We will be gathering all the available evidence to conduct a thorough investigation. However, if the aircraft is not found it is likely to limit the scope of the investigation."

'I know you're somewhere'


Schkair also took to Twitter: "I know you are... somewhere. Investigate... Emiliano sala."

Sala's ex-girlfriend sends an emotion message


Model Berenice Schkair has taken to social media to write a heart-felt message to Sala.

"Investigate, do not stop searching for him, please!" she posted on Tuesday night.

"I cannot believe this crash or that they are suspending the search due to bad weather.

"I cannot believe they are suspending the search until tomorrow, that they are wasting time and do nothing... I feel powerless.

"I can't stop thinking of you, that you are healthy and safe. Do dreams have an expiry date? In a second, your life can change... We are ephemeral dust in this universe.

"In a place where so many injustices happen, the thing I regret the most is not having told you everything that my heart feels.

"I don't know how to express myself and that is something I think I will learn from now on.

"Those that know me know how my eyes shine when I speak about you. I was lucky to meet you.

"Everything changes, why do these things happen? Who do things like this have to happen to a fascinating, fighting man who is full of ambitions, is hardworking, a good person and dedicated to his work and his family? Why don't dreams come true?  Why?

"My heart is broken. I can not accept it. Stay strong as always, Emi.

"I feel fear, rage and powerless not to be able to do anything from here. I feel useless.

"Be strong as always, my fighter, Emi, I know that you are strong... We are waiting for you Emiliano.

"Search until you find him alive! Time keeps passing. Let's wait until editing fake news and have respect for the family. I have faith!! And hope."

'No hope' of finding Sala alive


Rescuer sends pessimistic message

John Fitzgerald, chief officer of Channel Islands Air Search, does not believe Sala will be found alive.

"Even the most fit person" would last only a few hours in the Channel at this time of year, he indicated to the BBC.

He said: "Sadly, I really don't think, personally, there is any hope. At this time of year the conditions out there are pretty horrendous if you are actually in the water."

'Nothing spotted can be attributed to the missing plane'


St Catherine's lifeboat station investigating debris


St Catherine's lifeboat station is investigating debris that has been washed up at Bouley Bay in Jersey, according to ITV News.

However, they cannot confirm that it is linked with the missing plane.

Delecroix: Sala was a golden boy


Emiliano Sala was "a golden boy, who gave everything for the team," according to his former team-mate Paul Delecroix. 

Delecroix, now a goalkeeper for Metz who dumped Thierry Henry's Monaco out of the Coupe de France on Tuesday, played alongside Sala as he amassed an impressive goal haul for Niort in Ligue 2 during 2013-14. 

"He scored 18 goals. I would remember that. Eighteen goals in 37 games," Delecroix told reporters at Stade Louis II. 

"We couldn't have done much better really, as he's one of the most prolific goalscorers for Niort in one season. 

"A golden boy who gave everything for the team. A guy you want to love. It's sad, I am sad." 

Cardiff: No plans to rearrange Arsenal fixture


Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman says he would be "very surprised" if next week's fixture against Arsenal is rearranged, despite the disappearance of the plane Emiliano Sala was travelling on.

The match is due to be played on January 29.

He told Good Morning Wales: "I would be very surprised if there's any change to the schedule."

He also explained how manager Neil Warnock is coping with the drama.

"Neil is human and he's as affected as we all are," he said.

"He's in the same position as we all are, very upset. It has affected the club enormously. It's a distressing time."

"This was a big decision for this club and we were in the process of negotiating something which would have been a game-changer for the club.

Tributes paid around France


Monaco and Metz players take a pause for thought ahead of their Coupe de France match at Stade Louis II.
Emiliano Sala tribute Monaco Metz 2018-19
Getty Images

Tears in Nantes


Last night was hard for Nantes fans
Emiliano Sala tribute
Getty Images

Henry: Sala news is devastating


Mercadal speaks out


Fabien Mercadal, head coach at Caen, has spoken of what Emiliano Sala meant to the club.

Latest on the search efforts


Latest from the police


What we know so far


The facts as we know them

  • Sala was travelling from Nantes to Cardiff when his plane disappeared from radar.
  • Former team-mate Diego Rolan has revealed that his friend text him to express his fear over the state of the plane.
  • Guernsey Police have resumed a search on Wednesday morning.
  • The chances of finding survivors are said to be slim.

For full details, click here for Goal's latest news story...

Emiliano Sala Nantes
Getty Images

Sad and devastating news - Lloyd


Two-time FIFA World Player of the Year Carli Lloyd has expressed her sympathy at events.

Former Bordeaux owner: This is terrible news


Nicolas de Tavernost, the former owner of Bordeaux, has joined the line of those paying tribute to the forward.

"Terrible news, I remember a boy who was enormously likeable. All my love to his family and his friends. We pray for Emiliano," he said.

Maradona: I hope we can find him alive


Argentine journalist Martin Arevalo has published what he claims is an audio recording of Diego Maradona's thoughts on the unfolding drama.

"I hope the plane was at the wrong airport and we find him alive, that's all," he said.

"It's terrible misfortune. When such things happen, I think of all the trips I made with a lot of people."

In the press


French sports daily L'Equipe has paid tribute to Sala, with extensive coverage of the search and how highly he is thought of by his former colleagues.

Batistuta: Goal scorers never turn themselves in


Gabriel Batistuta, one of the greatest strikers of his generation, has sent a moving message to Sala via Twitter.

"Because you're an Argentine footballer from Santa Fe with the same dreams I had in Europe with the same sacrifice in the same position. Because I know goal scorers never turn themselves in. Today I pray for you 🙏🏼"

Nantes fans have been paying tribute


Fans of the Ligue 1 side gathered in the city centre last night to show their support for their former forward.

Hunt for the plane goes on


Day two: The search resumes

Guernsey Police have tweeted that they will resume the search for the missing plane and its occupants over the course of Wednesday.

Two planes will scour the area they believe is likeliest to prove fruitful.

Thank you and #PrayForSala


With the search having been suspended and not expected to continue until tomorrow morning, we will be wrapping up the live blog for the evening.

However, we will, of course, continue to update on every major new update that breaks surrounding the tragedy. The thoughts of everyone at Goal will be with Sala and all of his friends and family regarding today's emotional events.


Nicolas Otamendi lends support to Sala


Man City and Argentina centre-back Otamendi is the latest to have tweeted his tribute to countryman Sala.

'This is impossible' - Nantes coach Vahid Halilhodzic


The Ligue 1 manager expressed his sadness and shock at the news of his former player's disappearance.

"I can’t believe, this is impossible, I am shocked, hard to find any words," Halilhodzic told Croatian 24sata.

“We were with him yesterday, he was here at the club, came to say goodbye... and now this... everyone is shocked."

Fans gather in Cardiff and Nantes to honour Sala


Supporters continue to pay tribute to the missing Argentine with photos, scarves and flowers, chanting his name in both cities.
Sala Nantes tribute

#PrayForSala – Lucas Digne


Everton and France left-back Digne has also paid tribute to Sala on social media.

Nottingham Forest offer support for Sala


The Championship side are the latest to put forward their thoughts and prayers for Sala and his family.

Nantes change Twitter header to Sala as tribute


The Ligue 1 side have made Sala their main header image across their social media accounts as the search continues.
Nantes Twitter header

Outpouring of support by fans continues in Nantes


Fans gathering in the French city have not stopped with their tributes for Sala, gathering in the city centre to express their support in an homage for the player.

Supporters lay down scarves and flowers for Sala at Cardiff City


Fans have paid their tribute and expressed their condolences for the missing Argentine by laying down memorabilia at the Cardiff City stadium throughout Tuesday evening.
Sala tribute Cardiff City
Sala tribute Cardiff City

Man Utd and Valencia offer 'love and support' for Sala


The Premier League side shared the condolences for the Argentine, while Valencia also expressed their sadness for the player.

Marseille have Sala in their thoughts


Pablo Zabaleta pays tribute to Sala


West Ha, defender and former Argentina international Zabaleta has also joined in the outpouring of support for Sala.

Inter share support for Sala


The Serie A side are the latest to express their concern over the missing Argentine and have lended their support on social media.

Fans gather in Nantes city centre to lay down flowers for Sala


Supporters have been gathering around the town centre to pay tribute to Sala, with many laying down yellow tulips and scarves.

Guernsey harbourmaster: 'Difficult decision' on search tomorrow morning


Search and rescue operations will face a tough decision tomorrow whether to continue the search for the missing aircraft carrying Sala, after Guernsey Police earlier suspended attempts.

Captain David Barker says the likely area where the plane could have crashed is expanding.

"It gets to the point where it's impossible, even with unlimited resources to search that area," Captain Barker said in a statement to the BBC.

"The weather forecast for tomorrow is not as good as today, so we will be making a very difficult decision in the morning whether we can carry on with the search or not."

Channel Island Air Search 'confident' floating objects are from plane


Journalist Rebecca Williams has shared an update on the earlier news regarding floating objects found in the water. 

She tweeted: "Chief officer of Channel Island Air Search tells me they have found what appears to be seating and orange material in the sea.

"They’re fairly confident it is from the plane. If feasible, the coastguard could choose to send a diver down to examine below the water surface."

Claudio Ranieri: 'I'm devastated.. He’s a fighter'


Fulham manager Claudio Ranieri worked with Emiliano Sala during his time coaching Nantes, and has outlined his sadness following his disappearance.

He told reporters: "I was devastated to hear the news. Emiliano is a wonderful character. He’s a fighter.

"The world of football will be united in wishing for some positive news. I pray for Emiliano and his family."

Latest news from Guernsey Police


There have been various updates from Guernsey Police, who are officially conducting the search into the disappearance of Sala and the missing aircraft, before they suspended the search at 17:00 GMT.

They have confirmed that:

– Several objects were seenfloating  in the water
– The search party have found no signs of anyone on board
– Search and rescue operations have been paused for the evening following sunset and will continue tomorrow
– It will resume on sunrise tomorrow

Guernsey Police also stated they will be providing no further updates to the situation this evening.

Thierry Henry 'praying for some good news'


Monaco manager and former France and Arsenal forward Henry is another to have expressed his concern regarding Sala.

#PrayForSala - Odsonne Edouard


French striker Edouard, who formerly played in Ligue 1, has shared an emotional tribute for Sala on Twitter.

Tottenham tweet support for Sala


The North London club paid their respects for Sala and his friends and family as well as Nantes and Cardiff.

Guernsey police suspend search for missing aircraft


Guernsey police have paused search operations for the evening, and will continue tomorrow.

Nantes supporters share touching tribute for Sala


Two Nantes fans have paid tribute to Sala, their favourite player, by dedicating a song to him.

Guernsey Police: 'A number of floating objects have been seen in the water'


Guernsey Police have given an update on the search for Sala and the missing aircraft, stating that floating objects have been found in the area – though they have not been able to confirm if they belong to the plane.

They also shared that they have found no signs of those on board, and that survival after a crash in the water would be highly unlikely.

Kylian Mbappe shares support for Sala


PSG and France superstar Mbappe, who has played against Sala in Ligue 1, tweeted a photo of himself and the Argentine along with a prayer emoji.

'He's such a good guy' - Willy Sagnol pays tribute


France hero Sagnol managed Emiliano Sala at Bordeaux in the 2014-15 season, and expressed his grief over Sala's disappearance.

'I do not have the words to express what I feel. It’s dramatic, horrible. He’s such a good guy Emiliano, kind and generous, and just a worker.

'I do not have the words, it’s all too early.'

'We feel really sad' - Cardiff City chief executive Ken Choo


"He’s such a great person. He was so happy to join Cardiff City," Choo said in a statement to Sky News.

“You can see from [his] face that he’s so, so happy to be here, and so ready to start. Words cannot describe the look on his face.

“When he met us and we walked him around the grounds, he was absolutely ready to give it a go.

“And we knew him then, and we really feel sad.”

Ken Choo Cardiff City

Nantes game rescheduled for Sunday


Nantes' French Cup game away to Entente SSG, which was due to take place tomorrow evening, has been rearranged for Sunday, January 27. Entente SSG, who play in the third tier, tweeted that they "bring all their support to FC Nantes and to his family."

Guernsey Police tweet update on search area


As of 16:10 GMT, the Guernsey Police shared an update on Twitter revealing the area that they are currently searching, totalling 1,155 sq. miles.

Luis Fernandez lends support to family and friends of Sala


Former PSG player and manager Fernandez has expressed his condolences towards Sala and those close to him, detailing his fondness for the player on Twitter: "I wish with all my heart that we find my little one. A nice boy, a good player of our championship who always had a smile. A big thought for those close."

'The hours have been long' - Caen express their concern


"The hours have been long since this morning, but we continue to pray very hard for you, Emiliano Sala," Caen, one of the forward's former teams, tweeted.

Cardiff fans laying tributes outside the ground


The latest from Guernsey Police...


Sala had fears over the safety of the flight


Emiliano Sala had fears over the safety of the plane that disappeared over the English Channel, according to a report from 20 Minutes.

According to the French publication, he told friend and former team-mate Nicolas Pallois, who gave him a lift to the airport, that he was concerned about the flight.

We expect the worse, says Nantes coach


Vahid Halilhodzic has told Voix du Nord that the Nantes family is braced for the worst.

"We were already in a difficult time here," he said. "But now it's really difficult. We are waiting but we're under no illusions. We expect the worst."

Nantes release Sala statement


"FC Nantes learned this morning of the very worrying news regarding the disappearance of the plane Emiliano Sala was in.

"The plane, which was bound for Cardiff, was lost at sea off the Channel Islands.

"The management and the whole club retain hope and the whole FC Nantes family prays that Emiliano and the other passengers of the plane are finally found healthy and safe.

"'I think of his friends and his familiy. I've still got hope. He's a fighter. It's not over, maybe he's somewhere. We're waiting for some news that we hope will be positive. We're very touched by all the support we have received,' president Waldemar Kita said. 

"FC Nantes wish to join the call of supporters to rally tonight from 18:30 in Place Royale in Nantes to place a yellow tulip at the foot of the fountain. #PrayForSala"

Emiliano Sala Nantes 2018-19
Getty Images

Leicester show their empathy with Cardiff


Leicester have tweeted their well wishes to Cardiff. The Foxes' lost owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha due to a helicopter crash in 2018. 

Nantes players leave training ground


Pictures are emerging of Nantes' players leaving the training ground, including centre-back Nicolas Pallois, who reportedly drove Sala to the airport on Monday.
Nicolas Pallois Nantes 2018-19
Getty Images

FIFPro send their prayers


Bluebirds 'distressed' about Sala situation


Cardiff release statement

Cardiff City have given an update on the situation from their perspective.

"We were very shocked upon hearing the news that the plane had gone missing. We expected Emiliano to arrive last night into Cardiff and today was due to be his first day with the team," the club said.

"Our owner, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, and chairman, Mehmet Dalman, are all very distressed about the situation.

"We made the decision first thing this morning to call off training with the thoughts of the squad, management staff and the entire Club with Emiliano and the pilot.

"All of us at Cardiff City FC would like to thank our fans, and the entire footballing family for their support at this difficult time.

"We continue to pray for positive news.

"Cardiff City Football Club will make a further statement as more information becomes available."


Vada: Please turn up!


Bordeaux midfielder Valentin Vada is considered to be Sala's 'little brother' in France has taken to Twitter.

"Come on brother, please turn up!"

Cardiff fans urged to leave tributes


Just as Nantes fans are set to pay tribute to Sala with tulips, Cardiff fans are being urged to do likewise.

I hope this warrior can come through - Goncalves


Strasbourg's Anthony Goncalves has spoken about the situation prior to taking questions from the press about his side's Coupe de France tie with Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday.

"Before this press conference starts, I'd like to send my thoughts to Emiliano Sala. I hope that this warrior can come through this. I'm also thinking of the Nantes fans," he said.

Choo leaves Cardiff City Stadium without comment


Cardiff City chief executive Ken Choo had been expected to give a comment to the media but has left Cardiff City Stadium without doing so.

He has spoken to the club's in-house media team and the Premier League, however.

Guardiola on the Sala situation


'With the temperature of the water, you don't have long'


Guernsey harbour master David Barker does not rate the survival chances of those in the missing plane as high.

“I doubt they are wearing survival gear and with the temperature of the water, it does not leave you very long,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Cardiff statement imminent


Cardiff City are expected to make a statement about Sala imminently via chief executive Ken Choo.

Sagnol: I don't have words


Willy Sagnol, Sala's former coach at Bordeaux, has spoken to L'Equipe.

"I don't have words to express what I feel," he said. "It's dramatic, horrible.

"He's such a good guy - kind and generous, just a worker.

"I don't have words, it's all too soon."

Nantes fans to pay tribute to Sala with tulips


Nantes' fans are set to take to the streets of their city tonight to pay tribute to the 28-year-old forward with tulips.

"Let's get together in numbers, this evening from 6:30pm, Place Royale.

"We'll express our thoughts for Emiliano, the other passengers and those close to them by leaving yellow tulips at the foot of the fountain."

Guernsey police: Still no sign of the plane



'Football takes a back seat at times like this'


Cardiff City Supporters Trust chairman Keith Morgan has released a statement on events.

“We know very little about Sala, but the fans were excited about him joining and the prospect of seeing him play. Football takes a back seat at times like this," he said.

“From my perspective I can say I’ve already been contacted by dozens of people from other supporters trusts to see how they can help. The football family gathers together at times like these.

“It’s a strange situation because Sala never played for Cardiff City. Tragically it seems the chance he would have had to do that has been taken from him.

“The club will pay tribute in time and I think the game with Arsenal next week will take place.

“We will liaise with the club as we have a close working relationship with Mehmet Dalman and Ken Choo over what will happen next.

“It’s just shock and very difficult to absorb at the moment.

“I’ve been a football fan all my life and I often tell my wife I love it more than her. But at times like this, football doesn’t matter at all. We are thinking of Sala and his family.

“We will try to contact FC Nantes because we don’t know much about him as a person or whether he has a family.

“They are what’s most important news. It’s just horrific and news like this makes you think about your priorities in life.”

Lineker: Hopefully, somehow, they'll be found and safe


'A fairy tale that's turned into a drama'


Angers coach Stephane Moulin has spoken of Sala in his pre-match press conference ahead of an encounter with Nimes on Wednesday.

"The disappearance of the plane in which Emiliano Sala was in... it's a fairy tale that's turned into a drama," he said.

"It's hard to talk about football today. I've been personally affected."

Labat on Sala: He reminded me of Papin


Pierre Labat, who convinced Bordeaux to sign Sala in 2010, has spoken with Adrien Mathieu of Goal France.

"Of course the news hurts me," he said. "We felt he had other qualities beyond football. If this news were to be confirmed, it would be a loss to society beyond the world of sport.

"He had such determination to succeed, despite his technical shortcomings. He quickly corrected that in France, with a rather surprising quality in front of goal. He reminded me of a young Jean-Pierre Papin at Valenciennes.

"He got on well with the other young players at Bordeaux and loved it there.

"He's a very interesting person and I think that Nantes coach Vahid Halilhodzic had strengthened him further mentally in just a few weeks."

Plane search: what we know


Here's what we know so far

  • French aviation authorities have confirmed that Sala was on board the plane that has disappeared.
  • Guernsey police have indicated that their search has so far brought up nothing.
  • Channel Islands Air Search are not optimistic that there will be survivors.

And for those who want to know more about the player: Who is Emiliano Sala? The £15m Cardiff signing who outscored Neymar and Cavani in France

Emiliano Sala Nantes 2018-19
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The scene in Nantes


It's all quiet at Nantes' training ground at la Jonliere currently.



Nimes send their well wishes


Ligue 1 club Nimes are among those teams who have sent their thoughts and prayers to those involved.

"Nimes would like to join in the thoughts towards Nantes and Cardiff during this period of concern. We're thinking of Emiliano Sala, those others who are missing and those close to them," they said.

'No distress call had been received'


Guernsey harbour master David Barker told the Daily Mirror that no distress call was received last night.

'Let the good Lord bring you back to us' - Bakayoko


"We are Emiliano Sala. Let the good Lord bring you back to us," Tiemoue Bakayoko, a former Ligue 1 player with Rennes and Monaco, tweeted.

'I don't think they're still alive'


Channel Islands Air Search chief of operations John Fitzgerald is not confident about a positive outcome to the operation.

"I don't think that they are still alive," he told So Foot. "I don't think the coastguard do, either. We just don't know how it disappeared.

"[The plane] just completely vanished. There was no radio conversation."

'Still no trace of the aircraft'


Latest from the Guernsey Police

Channel Islands Air Search confident of finding clues


Speaking to the Jersey Evening Post, John Fitzgerald of the Channel Islands Air Search, has given this update:

“We were called out by Guernsey Coastguard at 8.30pm, just as the aircraft had dropped off the radar and we were over Alderney by about 9pm,” he said.

“We stayed there until midnight before we flew back to Guernsey to change over the crew and refuel.

“There was about 15 to 20 miles visibility so we could see quite a lot during the first search but the lifeboats found it quite difficult. That area is always quite rough but from 1,000 feet, we can see straight down. It was not that bad but at about 2 or 3 am wintry showers set in and the search was postponed. We went out again at 8am.

“I am sure something will be found eventually. The plane was flying at 2,000ft when it dropped off the radar so it could have flown for about five or six miles before touching down.

But whether it was a controlled ditching or if it dived in, we just do not know. If it was a controlled ditching, you would expect to find a life-raft but if it was uncontrolled I expect an oil slick and wreckage may be found.”

Was the right plane used?


Sala's parents speak to the media


“A friend told me, I did not know anything, no-one has called me, either from Cardiff or Nantes. I’m in Rosario, I’m desperate, I hope everything goes well,”Channel 5 News in Argentina has spoken to the player's parents.

“I last spoke to him on Sunday. He has only played in France and he was happy for this chance.”

His mother, Mercedes, added: “The plane is from the President of Cardiff City FC, they informed us that the plane had disappeared and that they were looking for it.”

Baysse: Thinking of his family


Caen defender Paul Baysse, a former club-mate of Sala, has paid tribute to the striker.

"Very affected. Thinking of his family and those close to him," he said.

Sala's farewell to Nantes team-mates


Sala had been back in Nantes to say goodbye to his former team-mates.

Sala 'loved by everyone' - Nantes president


Nantes president Waldemar Kita has spoken of how Emiliano Sala was admired by everyone during his time with the club.

"He was a polite, kind and adorable boy, loved by everyone," he said. "I was not even aware that he was at back at Nantes... I am still hopeful that we will find him."

Nantes cancel Tuesday training


Nantes have cancelled their training on Tuesday.

"The players arrived at the club this morning and the coach immediately took the decision to cancel the session. It's very hard for everyone," the club said in a statement to local press.

Garande pays tribute to Sala


Former Caen boss Patrice Garande has paid a glowing tribute to Sala.

"I have been in front of the news all morning, I am waiting... I cannot bring myself to believe it, this is not possible. This boy made my life an absolute pleasure on & off the pitch for six months," he told Ouest France.

Aviation authority not drawn on failed take off reports


Reports in France suggested the plane failed to take off on three or four occasions, but the aviation authority would not be drawn on these.

"I can't confirm this information, there will be an inquest as normal in this type of disappearance," Frederic Solano, deputy director of the DGAC, explained.

'Sala was in the plane that disappeared'


Aviation authorities confirm striker is missing

"Emiliano Sala was in the plane that disappeared," the French aviation authorities (DGAC) have confirmed. 

Furthermore, they have revealed that the Piper PA46 left Nantes airport on Monday evening at 8:15pm and "disappeared from radar screens 15 minutes later, while in British waters".

"British search teams are looking, assisted by the French."

Sala's former clubs praying for him


Niort and US Orleans, two of Emiliano Sala's former clubs, are praying that the situation is not as bad as feared.

"Tell us it's a joke, Emi. Everyone at Team Chamois is thinking of you," Niort posted on Twitter.

"Sad news this morning, all our thoughs are with those close to Emiliano Sala and those close to the pilot," Orleans have posted.

Nantes' Coupe de France match postponed


Nantes' Coupe de France match against Entente SSG, which was scheduled for Wednesday, has been postponed until Sunday due to the concern over Sala.

Their Ligue 1 meeting against Saint-Etienne, which was slated for that day, will be rescheduled.

Cardiff 'very concerned' over Sala's safety


“We are very concerned by the latest news that a light aircraft lost contact over the Channel last night," the club said in a statement. "We are awaiting confirmation before we can say anything further.

"We are very concerned for the safety of Emiliano Sala."

Police update


They have since confirmed that their hunt is ongoing.

'No trace' of plane found


Guernsey police reported at 8:30am (GMT) that no trace of the missing plane had been found.

Who was on board the plane?


It is Goal's understanding that the only people on board the plane were Sala and the pilot, although this has not been officially confirmed.

Fears growing over Cardiff striker Sala


Fears are growing over the safety of Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala.

The plane that the Argentine forward was reportedly travelling in went missing over the English Channel on Monday evening and efforts to locate it have thus far proven fruitless.