Incredible moment Uruguay striker Abreu throws a table at his own fans!

Sebastian Abreu@ChilensisFut/Getty

Audax Italiano fans felt they had good reason to vent their frustration at the Chilean side's players after they dropped points for the eighth time in a row on Sunday, but they picked the wrong target in Sebastian Abreu.

The jeers rang out from the supporters after Sunday's match against Antofagasta after the referee blew the final whistle in the middle of a counter-attack, consigning them to a 0-0 draw.

But 41-year-old striker Abreu was having none of it and shouted back at the fans before picking up a table in front of the stand and throwing it towards the crowd.

Despite his anger, Abreu was joking about the bizarre incident a few minutes later on social media, when he posted a picture of himself sitting at the table.

"A visit from [Sebastian Flores] to brighten the day a little after the night that I had," the forward aptly nicknamed 'Loco' tweeted.

"I left with an anecdote and I hope that the team comes out of this bad run. Just in case, this table is screwed tight."

More than a table-throwing striker, Uruguay international Abreu is the Guinness World Record holder as the player who has represented most clubs, with Audax Italiano the 26th team in his career.