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FUT Birthday: Dates, features & SBCs for the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team event

12:00 AM GMT+4 22/03/2019
FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
Later this month will be the game mode's 10th birthday and you can bet EA Sports will go all-out with new content

In March 2019, EA Sports will celebrate the 10th birthday of FIFA's most popular game mode, Ultimate Team.

You can guarantee that the publishers will be hosting another birthday bash with lots of new content for FIFA 19 players.

Goal has compiled everything we know about the event so far including, when the FUT birthday event will take place and what content gamers can expect.

What is the FUT Birthday Event?

EA Sports celebrates Ultimate Team's birthday with a week-long in-game event that gives FIFA players new birthday cards, new Icons, new Squad Builder Challenges (SBCs) and, of course, special packs.

Due to the closeness of the dates, EA last year included the FIFA St Patrick's Day event which usually includes a team of special Irish players and adds new Weekly Objectives - this is likely to be the same this year.

When is the FUT Birthday Event?

EA Sports confirmed that the event will take place starting Friday March 15 and will likely finish March 25 .

What is the FUT Birthday Squad?

The FUT Birthday Squad is the headlining feature of the event which gives a squad-worth of players brand new birthday-themed cards with upgraded ratings and stats.

They have since confirmed 21 players in packs, 21 player SBCs, 10 Prime ICON Moments, six players in objectives and five FIFA stremers with Twitch drops across the 10 days of content.

The selected players are always players who were popular among FIFA fans in previous versions of the game, including both household names as well as lesser stars.

Last year, EA went one step further and not only picked 27 players who had all been popular in old FIFAs but also gave all of those players a different position based on where they used to play on old FIFAs.

Just a few examples are Real Madrid's Gareth Bale who moved to left-back, Chelsea's Eden Hazard who swapped to right-wing and Bayern Munich's David Alaba who was changed to centre midfield. No players or theme for FIFA 19's FUT Birthday squad have been announced yet.

FUT Birthday Squad Builder Challenges

On top of the new cards, there will undoubtedly be SBCs released for FIFA players to create.

SBCs require players to create a squad featuring strict limits. You have to include so many of one type of player while maintaining a certain level of team rating and chemistry. That squad is then submitted to receive special rewards such as packs and amazing players.

Some of the new FUT Birthday Squad cards will likely only be attainable through SBCs as well as available in packs. On top of that, there will also be an SBC for every edition of FIFA since Ultimate Team begin in FIFA 09 - each one will revolve around players popular in that game and will reward you with special packs.

Last year there were also SBCs for new Prime Icons and it is very likely that EA will use this as a chance to tie-in the new Prime Icon Moments cards. And there is also a good chance that EA will use this as a chance to release additional Flashback cards which celebrate the careers of older players.

In FIFA 18, the FUT birthday event featured SBCs for End of An Era cards which were part of a similar event so you can bet on inclusion of Flashbacks in FIFA 19.