Craig Foster withdraws from FFA board and chairman race, warns ‘game is in peril’

"The game is not yet ready for a former player as chair."

Former Socceroo and outspoken SBS commentator Craig Foster has dramatically withdrawn his audacious bid to join the FFA board and take over as chairman.

Foster confirmed his decision in a fiery statement which he shared from his Twitter account on Friday night.

The 49-year-old’s announcement came less than 72 hours before the vote at FFA’s annual general meeting on Monday.

In the statement titled ‘Withdrawal of Nomination for FFA Board’ Foster warned the ‘game is in peril’ but conceded the code isn’t ready for an ex-player to sit in the seat currently held by chairman Steven Lowy.

"Despite the amazing support of our football community around the country, it has become clear that I do not have the necessary stakeholder support to succeed in my candidacy for the Board and as Chairman of FFA," Foster wrote.

"Accordingly, I have notified FFA of the withdrawal of my nomination.

"I ran a transparent and public campaign not just for the board, but the Chairmanship for a number of reasons.

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"Without strong, independent leadership I believe the game is in peril of making decisions that fail to protect every aspect of our community.

"I have made no secret of this fact. This is why I have reiterated my determination that there be no deals, no premises - only fair leadership with an allegiance to the entire game."

Foster apologised to his supporters but vowed ‘to continue to campaign on bringing our community together, healing our past and shaping our game through democracy’.