Be Inspired: Faris Ramli

In light of the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup, Goal Singapore has teamed up with Nike to produce inspirational stories of our local footballers

What defines inspiration? It is a question that can produce a multitude of answers. For most of us inspiration is an important feature that is so much needed in our lives.

This is because inspiration drives us further, to be the best so that even we can one day reach the top. In sport, athletes are seen as a beacon of inspiration to the masses. Each athlete has his or her own story in getting to the top of their field.

And in line with the aforementioned, Goal Singapore has teamed up with Nike to produce inspirational stories of our local footballers in light of the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup.

For football fans in Singapore and even in Malaysia Faris Ramli is a name that needs no introduction. Any talk about him will conjure up images of tricks and goals that have been so synonymous with the fleet-footed winger.

His performances last season for Home United were stellar ultimately earning him a move to Malaysian club PKNS, where he continues to make headlines with his stunning displays.

While the diminutive forward continues to garner success, it hasn’t always been easy for Faris as he has had to overcome the painful death of his late brother, Fahmi, who passed away in 2005. Faris’ brother was the one who inspired him to take up the sport, as a young boy, by encouraging him to play the game under the void decks of their flat, and aspire to don the national jersey.

Today, every time he steps out onto the pitch, the former Home United forward plays for his brother and hopes to make him proud by playing to the best of his ability. Besides his brother, Faris also draws inspiration from Shahril Ishak as the former Singapore captain is an excellent motivator and has great discipline.

Indeed for the PKNS player, discipline is crucial in succeeding in football.  Keeping fit and fresh tops his routine in order to maintain the highest levels of performance. Additionally for Faris, another important aspect is keeping one’s feet on the ground no matter how well one performs as there is always room for improvement.

Significantly such focus will be needed when Singapore begin their AFF Suzuki Cup campaign on November 9. For the tournament, the Lions will be donning the latest national kit designed by powerhouse brand Nike and Faris certainly did not hide his fondness for the jersey.


He loves how the current design is much more lightweight compared to previous ones while also mentioning the strip consisting of the Singapore crest and its stars at the back of the kit, highlights the innovation of the design. Furthermore, the colours of the home and the away jersey are strikingly fresh which will no doubt make the boys look good on the pitch.

faris ramli

On the other hand, Faris’ fondest memory of seeing the Lions play was in 2012 when Singapore despite being underdogs emerged victorious to be crowned champions, under Radojko Avramović. And it is with that memory in mind which he will look to spur Singapore to glory.