An armchair fans guide to a luxurious viewing experience this season

An armchair fans guideGOAL / various

Watching football from home has never been better. It might not be as good as going to the match, but in some ways, it's superior. No queuing for the toilets, no overpriced stadium food, no trek back home after. Just you, your big TV, some tasty snacks and a lack of earache from that person who stands behind you shouting at players. You can even wear your scarf. 

Thanks to tech advancements and various benefits to indulge in, armchair fans can truly immerse themselves in the game without leaving the comfort of their living room. 

With the 2022-23 Premier League season here until May, if you're looking to upgrade your current set-up, you've come to the right place. GOAL takes a look at everything the ultimate armchair fan needs in their viewing set-up to enjoy the game in luxury and immerse themselves in all the action. 

For the ultimate viewing experience, GOAL has all grounds covered. From sound to 4K quality and a dressing gown you will never want to take off.

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Shop all your armchair fan essentials here:

Brayden Studio Home Theatre Recliner with Massager 

Brayden Studio Home Theatre Recliner with Massager Wayfair

Wave goodbye to cramped and uncomfortable plastic seating and welcome in supreme relaxation with the Brayden Studio recliner chair. Whis chair boasts heated massages, rise and recline programmes, multiple side pockets and not one but two drinks holders - so feel free to double park yourself. 

Choose your perfect massage, switch on the heated backrest and stock up on drinks as you indulge in the highest level of comfort for kick-off. 

Get it from Wayfair for £649.99

Samsung 55” QN90A 4K Smart TV

Samsung 55” QN90A 4K Smart TVAmazon

With a 4.7 star rating on Amazon, this Samsung Smart TV delivers when you need it most. When GOAL set itself the challenge of finding the best TVs for watching sport, the Samsung QN90A came out on top for performance. Offering the highest possible image quality with the sharpest edges, this TV gives you a picture so real, it'll feel like you're on the pitch. Ok, so maybe it won't feel exactly like that, but it is a world-class TV, boosted for smooth, fast-action play, so each game looks and sounds glorious.

What sets the Samsung QN90A apart from its competitors is its reflection reduction technology, which allows you to experience its 4K picture quality in any room at any time of the day with minimum screen glare. There's also a neat Multi View feature that lets you split the TV screen, so you can watch the game while also displaying match updates on your smartphone.

Get it from Amazon for £799.99

LG Sound Bar SN4

LG Sound Bar SN4LG

There is no sound quite like the roar of a football crowd - the songs, the swearing, the shouting at the ref - but this LG Sound Bar will get you as close to the real thing as possible.

With adaptive audio, you can catch every detail with powerful action and bass, to enjoy the booming cheers all from the comfort of your living room. Fittingly rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by happy customers, the LG Sound Bar is the best you can get for under £250 and excels against the rest with easy connectivity and exceptional sound. 

Get it from LG for £249.98

Osprey London Cut Grass Fragrance Diffuser 

Osprey London Cut Grass Fragrance Diffuser Osprey London

Close your eyes, listen to the hustle of the match and quite literally smell the grass. Like a breath of fresh air, Osprey London's home fragrance diffuser in Cut Grass is an irresistible blend of wild flowers and freshly cut grass. 

The perfect final touch of luxury to your all-immersive viewing experience, and smells so nice you'll want one in every room.

Get it from La Redoute for £37.00

Russel Hobbs Mini Fridge

Russel Hobbs Mini FridgeAmazon

Never miss a moment of the game, with cool drinks and snacks right at your fingertips. Made by the homeware experts Russel Hobbs, this mini fridge features a large 43-litre capacity, more than enough to store extra beverages and grub when your mates come round to catch the game. 

If we're talking luxury, this mini fridge boasts additional features you won't see anywhere else, like an ice box, removable wire shelves and a reversible door. Customise this mini fridge to suit all your needs and have cold drinks to hand at all times

Get it from Amazon for £119.99

Soho Home House Robe

Soho Home House RobeSoho Home

Picture it, you've been out on Saturday and rolled out of bed just in time to catch the game. With no time to change into your team's colours, this robe is your best bet. 

Fluffy, cosy and soft, this hooded robe makes the perfect companion to your brand new recliner chair for unforgettable relaxation, even in the tensest of games. Lounging just got luxurious. 

Get it from Soho Home for £85.00

Philips Perfect Draft Machine

Philips Perfect Draft MachineAldi

For serious beer lovers only - if you're looking to go above and beyond on match days, the Philips Perfect Draft system is where it's at. 

Nothing beats the feeling of a refreshing cold pint, and what better way to get into the spirit than to bring the pub to you. The Philips draft system provides up to 30 days of fresh beer and chills to three degrees, so you can keep track of your beer,whatever the weather. With a temperature indicator that shows you when your beer is at the ideal drinking temperature, you never have to worry about sipping on lukewarm beer again.  

Get it from Aldi for £189.99