Keogh: Stale A-League needs salary cap abolished, more player depth

Andy Keogh Perth Glory
The Glory striker says financial restrictions must be lifted for the league to succeed

The A-League is stale and needs to have the salary cap eliminated to help with squad depth, according to Perth Glory striker Andy Keogh.

With crowds and TV figures dipping considerably this campaign, many critics believe it's time to remove wage restrictions from the competition - including five A-League coaches in a survey conducted during pre-season.

Keogh, in his fourth A-League season, believes Australian domestic football has stagnated since his arrival and that a significant overhaul is needed.

"The level of football was very good when I first arrived here, but I haven’t noticed any improvement – if anything I’ve sensed some staleness in the league," Keogh said on the  Daily Football Show .

"A massive advertising campaign is needed and in my opinion the salary cap needs to be done away with.

"The league needs a massive revamp."

Having played in the English Premier League with Wolverhampton Wolves and also featuring in seven Championship campaigns, Keogh knows what it takes to put together a team in an elite division.

Andy Keogh Wolverhampton Wolves

The 31-year-old says the current number and financial restrictions on squads means depth is weak and even the A-League's best team would struggle in England's lower divisions.

"If Victory lose (Besart) Berisha – they don’t win and don’t score, if City lose (Bruno) Fornaroli – they turn into a defensive team," Keogh said.

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"If an English Championship team loses their top striker, they’ve got another one to come in and do exactly what he’s been doing.

"In a one off game, Sydney FC could compete with some lower half Championship teams, but that’s about it.

"I think top six (Championship) teams would be pushing them and (Sydney FC would) be a long way off in terms of strength and depth of quality."