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adidas x Fandi Ahmad football clinic: Inspiring youths through sport

4:05 PM GMT+4 06/01/2020
adidas x Fandi Ahmad Singapore
With a firm eye on community development in the south-eastern football bastion of Singapore, adidas has teamed up with Fandi Ahmad...

Be it the ‘Here to Create’ campaign or the ‘She Breaks Barriers’ movement, sports conglomerate adidas has always played a pivotal part in the development of athletes all over the world. 

The German powerhouse has consistently lifted the roof on its ability to escalate human potential through sport, connecting aspiration of everyday individuals into the inspiring stories of tomorrow’s athletes. 

Now, with a firm eye on community development in the south-eastern football bastion of Singapore, adidas is tapping into their rich, cultivated base of sportsmen, and has teamed up with decorated former Singapore captain Fandi Ahmad, a national icon on the turf, to launch an exclusive, one-of-a-kind clinic. Held on 16 December, the first iteration of the adidas x Fandi football clinic was successfully hosted at Geylang Field in Singapore, for 30 participants between the ages 12 and 16. 

With this campaign, the brand seeks to shine a clear path of development for aspiring sportspersons, to be exceptional individuals. Having a firm impetus on the all-round development of students, adidas hopes to groom young and aspiring footballers to think, move and create like a professional. Being an athlete is more than just the physique and rigorous training under the sun; having the right mindset is just as important, and that is what adidas wanted to impart to budding young talent. 

Think like a pro

The clinic was divided into a curriculum of three parts. Part 1: Think like a pro introduced participants to necessary and ubiquitous tools used on and off the pitch, such as mental resilience training as well developing focus and visual strategy.  

Move like a pro

During Part 2: Move like a pro, students were first led through a video session with Fandi, where he shared about what it takes to move like a pro and evaluated game plays with the students.

The theory was then put to use on the football pitch in a live session where the students had a ball of a time levelling up their skills.

Create like a pro

The final element focused on the importance of individuality on the turf, where Fandi encouraged the students to develop their own sense of style and unique moves that best suit them.

All three elements aligned perfectly to develop an enhanced sense of purpose and achievement amongst the students; and with a neatly crafted purpose of pursuing more than just simple refinements on the pitch, adidas and Fandi collaboratively elevated their connect with the base of talent present. 

In many cases, athletes have been found wanting in select spheres they may not have had sufficient training for. adidas has sought to eliminate this by bringing lessons of sufficient pedigree to possible future superstars. 

To succeed as an athlete, one needs the consanguine duo of mind space and mindset, which adidas believes can be developed with sufficient insight and attention to budding talent. Through the clinic, adidas also seeks to showcase the necessity for individuals to Unite in Play. Irrespective of class, creed or nationality, a true sportsperson can only develop if he ushers in the right persona of learning without borders. Mutual respect is fundamental, and through sport, we have the power to change lives. 

With the evolution of sport over the ages from the mere physical realm to the plethora of emotions it encompasses today, it is but expected that the duties of an athlete will evolve as well. The brand hopes to demonstrate to the superstars of tomorrow, how important their actions today count.